Don't hit your brakes when changing lanes

We have two interstates running through this town and I am on them five days a week going from job to job. Lately, I have noticed that a lot of fucking morons will be going 65/70 or so in the fast lane , signal to get over, and then hit their fucking brakes for no reason. What up with this shit?

No traffic in front of them, they just slam the fucking brakes on and change lanes, fucking up everybody behind, causing a clusterfuck slowdown for no reason. And they are not trying to blast over three lanes to exit either, just hit the brakes, move over a lane. (Oh, I hate those fuckers too, but this is different)

Lame rant, I don’t care, they piss me off. Stupid fucks.

There are stupid fucking drivers all over the country.
Idiot fucking drivers are pet peeve of mine.

If they don’t kill me first, I’m going to choke the piss out of some of those goddamn morons.

Commuting to and from work has become a daily “How am I going to cheat death today” game.

It’s beginning to wear on me.

Fucking morons.


I have issues.

Their radar detectors picked up a signal, probably false, so they immediately slow down to the speed limit or below and get out of the fast lane, because that’s sooooo good at fooling the radar. Of course, they believe this because they are

At least they signalled. The Texas variety of fucking morons seems to lack that skillset.

Good point Rhubarb but that makes them double idiot morons for freaking out on the detector when they are only 5 mph over the limit.


Double SECRET idiot morons…

It was that FUCKING lizard in the road, god damn it!

If you don’t like the way I drive, STAY OUT OF THE MALL! You’d think you’d learn…

joke post, you fucking dumbasses (not you, Klaat, just the dumbass humor impaired)

See, this is funny. I like it. But I’m really getting sick and tired of having to see everyone qualify every single friggin’ thing they say. It’s telling that some do it before they even post a simple comment.