Don't hold your breath while waiting for Microsoft ....

Don’t hold your breath while waiting for Microsoft to add more supported countries to GFWL ( Games for Windows LIVE ) that will be allow to race online. I hope Codemasters will change their mind and make DIRT 2 the last racing game to use GFWL!

I found this post over at Games for Windows LIVE forum:


Some fact checking:

Steam launched on September 2003 and to this day supports hundreds of countries

Xbox LIVE launched on November 2002 and to this day supports 26 countries

Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection launched on November 2005 and to this day supports all countries where Nintendo officially sells their consoles.

PlayStation Network launched on November 2006 and to this day supports 56 countries, with Latin America lacking the Store and PlayStation Home.

In 6 years, Steam has achieved full support for over 200 Countries

In 7 years, Microsoft has barely achieved support for 26 Countries

In 4 years, Nintendo has achieved support for over 60 Countries, all of them available since launch.

In 3 years, Sony has achieved support for 56 Countries

So let me doubt that time will tell, and that more will be added as time goes on, because LIVE has existed for longer than Steam and other similar services, and is the one with the worst support.


Don’t feel right buying DIRT 2 if others are getting screwed out of their hard earn dollars.
GFWL stole my game

**Please Codemasters and Microsoft fix this injustice to online racing! Let the WHOLE world race online like we do with GRID and Flatout 2!!

And hopefully new racing game, Blur.**

I’d be perfectly happy if nobody ever used GFWL for anything ever again. There’s too many good digital distribution / community / gaming services to have a need for one that is so amazingly bad in every possible way. The only purpose it could possibly serve is to allow XBox and PC games to cross-play, but there’s major flaws in that. First is that barely any games actually allow that, second is that the two player bases don’t WANT to interact most of the time, and third is that the hardware differences make for an inherently unfair matchup in almost any type of game anyway.

So…why do game companies use GFWL again? Microsoft has got to be handing out bribes, there’s no way anyone would objectively choose this stinking pile.

For added fun, see Steam games that require you to use GFWL to play.

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But gamers need to be warn about buying games like DIRT 2 from places like Steam\Direct2drive and online store like Amazon. Buyers are not warn that DIRT 2 uses GFWL and if they live in one the over 166 unsupported countries, when they install DIRT 2 and create a LIVE ID that is from an unsupported country, GFWL will lock them out from racing DIRT 2 online.

And their cd-key is permanently tie to this LIVE ID, so they can not lie and try and setup a new LIVE ID that use one the 26 supported countries. There no second chance. Microsoft say talk to Codemasters about getting new cd-key, Codemasters say talk to Microsoft about getting new cd-key. Steam say talk to Codemasters and Microsoft. And around and around we go. :frowning:

Will Codemasters give new CD-key to those players in unsupport countires that need…

Codemasters decision to use GFWL with DIRT 2 has been a step backwards for online racing! With racing games like GRID and Flatout 2, we are able to race online with the Whole world.

I’m a bit lost on why we’d want to encourage fixing Games for Windows Live. It’s a bad idea, can’t compete with simpler solutions on any level, and even if they opened it up I’d want less people to use it. GWL was a solution to a problem that didn’t exist from the consumer standpoint and trying to “fix” it won’t help anyone.

I just found this petition at the “Game for Windows LIVE” forum. If you want Microsoft to change their ways with GFWL, you might want to sign this petition:

Add the support of other countries into LIVE

To: Microsoft and Games for Windows - LIVE team

We want Microsoft to include support of many other countries into LIVE like Russia, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, China and many others! Stop discriminating the players!


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