Don't look a gift horse in the mouth...

or a gift car in the grille.

It’s been two years since our '89 Dodge Shadow (pretty much identical to “Fred”) went kaput. It would have cost $800 to fix, about $300 more than the car was worth. So we’ve done without one; at least we live in an area with good public transportation.

I recently found out that my SO’s brother wants to give us a car. It’s some sort of '77 Olds, possibly a Cutlass, not sure if it’s a coupe or a sedan. It has 68,000 miles, is in great mechanical condition and needs some minor body work but, hey, it’s free! Of course, there’s a catch - we have to go get it. He and the car are in Massachusetts. We’ve decided to take Amtrak up there for Thanksgiving and drive back.