Don't Make The Friggin Coffee!!

We have a very small office (15 people) and we are coffee freaks here. Everyone takes a turn making coffee when they drink the last of the pot.

There is this one guy in the office that uses DOUBLE the coffee everytime he makes it. Then unknowingly I go to drink the coffee and it is like drinking mud. It leaves a bad taste in my mouth and turns me off from drinking coffee for the rest of the morning.

This morning I noticed he used 2 packages so I used 6 creamers and that still wasn’t enough!

I jokingly said to him "don’t make the coffee cause no one likes the way you make it and he just said “tough”

What a jerk!

If he’s the one making the coffee, why shouldn’t he make it to his own taste? Everybody else does.

Haha, “tough”…sounds like my mom responding to me when I asked her for a toy as a young gun.

I, too, am a coffee freak but I’m also very picky. The coffee around here isn’t so great. Dunkin Donuts is right around the block thankfully.

For this guy, bring in your own coffee machine that you and your office mates can use. He’ll feel left out and beg to get back into the “coffee freak” ring :smiley: , or maybe not. :stuck_out_tongue:

Isabelle some of us like strong coffee and if we make it your way, there is no way for us to have drinkable coffee.

You, on the other hand, can add water to your cup to reach the strength you prefer. Wouldn’t that be a better alternative than adding 6 creamers?

Ruadh - He should make the coffee according to the majority of taste likeness. Everyone else uses 1 pack of coffee. Why should he be different?

Contrary - I have tried adding water to my coffee and it tastes like crap! I think it tastes like crap because it didn’t go through the coffee pot and go thru the process. Even adding water and the microwaving it just doesn’t taste the same.

This is unfair!

Similar situation here: I like the double strong coffee, other don’t, so when I make it I compromise and make 1.5 strength.

I could see the argument that whoever makes it can make it anyway they want, though. I like the 1.5 well enough, so it’s not an issue.

This disagreement over coffee is why I no longer drink coffee at work. Drinking the hot brown water that passes for coffee at my office brings me no pleasure so now I drink plain hot water. No one has to suffer through my coffee and I don’t have to suffer through theirs.

And Isabelle if this is the worst problem you face at work, then you are a lucky woman.


What ever happened to stealth and ingenuity? Mr. Double-strength should engage upon a campaign to slowly increase his cow-orkers tolerance. If he makes the coffee 10% stronger each week, at the end of 2 months most everyone will just accept that the stronger java is normal.

I know someone who once tried a similar tactic to that suggested by Danalan but they were replacing normal coffee with decafe. Worked okay until it got to a 50/50 mix then people started getting really stroppy. Boy was there some negative feedback when we found out what was happening.

Just be thankful it’s only strong coffee and not this.

I make my own coffee at home and bring my day’s supply in an insulated mug - or thermos if I’m needing extra coffee for the day. It’s better for everyone that way. My coffee is so much better than the breakroom coffee that I have a few moochers now.

Heh. Back when I was still on the caffeine grind, I worked at this one office and we had the opposite problem. Everyone liked strong coffee except one guy who would make it weak.

One afternoon I started to make a pot, put the coffee in the filter and went to get water. Another co-worker came along, thought it was Mr. Coffee-lite doing the work and put more coffee in the filter.

Damn that was good coffee.

In my old office, the tapwater pipes took in so much diesel and foundry waste it was unsafe to drink. The’d make coffee with it, though, and I admit I became accustomed to the arsenic tinge and the layer of #2 heavy bunker oil.

We eventually set up a still in the engineering office to make potable water (bottled water was for drinking by the purists) for coffeemaking. It looked like the Swamp sent from MAS*H back there and it was all for coffee.

That anecdote being the main thrust of my post, I say salt down Mr. Strongcoffee’s pot and tell his puckered self “tough”.

Unfair? Let’s look at the options you’re presenting:

  1. Fourteen of the people in the office can have 1/15 of the coffee they drink too strong for their liking; or

  2. This one guy can have all of the coffee he drinks too weak for his liking.

I think you fourteen are being whiney and should grow up.