Don't mess with troubled teens!

From this article.

There’s a bit more in the article. The kid got a couple more licks in, so did the bear.
He’s been treated and sent home (kid, not bear) so it’s a good ending.
Except for the bear. :dubious:

Way to go! Bear knuckle boxing! That is a bad-ass kid!
I would’ve been bear breakfast. :smiley:

In the future, I think that bear will stick to eating Cub Scouts.

No need for those unbearable puns, Snooooopy.

It takes some big, brass balls to punch a bear. I dunno how he could be out hiking with em swinging around like that.

If only he had the right to bear arms…

Be glad the constitution denied the right to arm bears…

I don’t see anything in the constitution that specifically denies bears the right to arms. I mean, if they’re citizen and all…

Hunting season may get a little complicated, but if a bear wants his very own shotgun…

What the story failed to mention was that the kid was naked during his altercation with the bear… and everyone knows it’s better to to run with a bear behind.

Heh. Reminds me of this story which happened a year or so ago at my university.

There are obviously people out there with a lot more guts than me.

Ironically, the boy had been sent on the expedition for a string of run-ins with animals; he previously had been caught tickling deer, giving chipmunks noogies and scaring fish by smooshing his head up against the aquarium glass.