Don't piss off the guy with the very large tractor.

This story tickled my funny bone, especially since no-one was hurt.

They caught the guy, though, and there’s a picture of him in the linked story. He looks pretty much like someone that you might pick out of central casting for a story about a guy who runs over police cars with a large tractor.

The charges against him include:

Seems like he has a pretty good defense to the last charge: “That weren’t no accident!”

That isn’t a very large tractor.

So I guess the taxpayers get to help pay for some new police cars. Jackass. :mad:

Isn’t it always that way? As soon as you finish washing your car somebody crushes it with a giant tractor.

I almost started a thread about that the other day. It would have been funnier if nobody had called it in and the cop’s didn’t notice till somebody went for a jelly doughnut run and the guy was long gone.

I noticed the accident thing too. I could see a Johhny Cochran moment: Your honor we plead 110 percent guilty to leaving the scene of an accident! DA: Ughhh okay, that was easy. Judge, now that we have determined it to be an accident all the other charges must be dropped! Judge: Man’s right! 60 days in lockup and a 500 dollar fine. Next!