Don't Tell Kid Rock How To Live (feat. Monster Truck)

Every now and then a piece of art comes along that captures a moment in time in a way that you just didn’t think possible. And friends, here is such a piece of art.

I give you Kid Rock (feat. Monster Truck) - “Don’t Tell Me How To Live”. (WARNING: a bit of profanity, copious crotch thrusting, video may slip you a Roofie)

Weird Al Yankovic has already appeared on Twitter to reassure everyone that he didn’t do this–it really is Kid Rock.

I mostly posted this to be sure that I didn’t pass out in a haze of Axe Body Spray and Busch Light and dream it.

I could only sit through 45 seconds. That snowflake is a parody of himself.


is what it looks like when someone doesn’t tell Robert James Ritchie how to live.

Weird Al’s tweet:

He’s put some good albums out. Apparently those days are behind him.

Kid Rock releasing song with a lyric mocking participation trophies the same day Trump was given an honorary black belt is like self-own Inception.

I wasn’t supposed to laugh at that video, was I?

Being a tough guy at 55 is different than being a tough guy at 25; the fact that he doesn’t know that tells me he’s a poser.

The fact he’s not actually a tough guy tells me he’s a poser.

I have never had any use for Kid Rock music. If he has produced something especially crappy, I’ll take your word for it.
(As far as I know, his biggest hit was Werewolves Of London mixed with Sweet Home Alabama.)

Whew. Full blown midlife crisis Jones.

Kid Rock, the pride of Michigan (shakes head in embarrassment).

I, for one, think it’s a great idea to launch Kid Rock on a one-way trip into space holding onto the middle finger of a rocket shaped like a giant hand flipping the bird. Maybe Bezos can work something up-- he’s big into celebrity tie-ins with his space missions.

I heard Kid Rock on the radio being interviewed 10 years ago or so(it was Drew and Mike in the Detroit area) and he seemed like a good guy. They were asking if he minded that some guy was performing his songs and charging people for mp3’s of them. He said, “Nah, I mean if some dude found a way to make money for himself using some of my money, good for him, I guess.”

I never liked his music, but had a decent impression of him from that.

Now…turns out he is a massive idiot. Shame.

Do you self a favor and sit through the rest. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

The comments are great too.

…a set of truck nuts come to life.

…an artist that stops at nothing and then stays there.

Somebody finally wrote a song that captures all the passion and rage of every 12 year old who was ever forced to stop playing Fortnite to do their homework.

This sounds like something I would have written at age 14 if my parents didn’t let me go to the mall

Kid Rock: The above-ground swimming pool of music

“I have the Heart of a Lion”
Nice to see Don Jr. gives gifts.

Is the flip side* titled “You’re not my real dad!”

* ask your parents

You can’t tell him how to live, but he will tell you how to suck a dick. (Sideways.)

Fucking, fuckity fuck, mother fuckers.

These people have no self awareness. Its the same way they refer to legitimate journalism as ‘fake news’ but they refer to dishonest russian propaganda as real journalism.