Don't Tell Kid Rock How To Live (feat. Monster Truck)

Weird Al hell–did Bruce Springsteen comment on it?

Why would he?

In the “song” Kid Rock compares himself favorably to Bruce Springsteen.

Oh. I couldn’t make it that far.

You guys are intriguating me about this likely piece of crap song. Let me get a few more beers in me, and maybe I’ll click it.

Like hell! You’ll suffer through it like the rest of us did.

(I’ve already had a few…)

I’m like Reverend Run or David Lee Roth
Like Springsteen, bitch, I’m the motherfuckin’ boss
James Dean shit, I’m more like Brad Pitt
A little less pretty, but I slang more dick

The man is a motherfuckin’ poet.

You know what? Thanks for that, I just wondered what the Springsteen link was. Looks like I’m spared from clicking. I owe you!

I thought his song “Cowboy” was the worst steaming pile of lyrical shit ever forced out of a redneck sphincter, and I didn’t think it was possible to do any worse than that. But Kid Rock seems to have figured out how to go worse.

Some nuggets from Cowboy:

Then I’ma Kid Rock-it up and down ya’ block
With a bottle of scotch and watch lotsa crotch
Buy a yacht with a flag sayin’ “chillin’ the most”
Then rock that bitch up and down the coast

With the top let back and the sunshine shining
(Cowboy) spend all my time at Hollywood and Vine
(Cowboy) riding at night 'cause I sleep all day
(Cowboy) I can smell a pig from a mile away.

I mean, how does this shit-for-brains have a career in music? This sounds like a 14-year-old wrote it in shop class while stoned on ditch weed. And yet his new song makes this read like Dylan.

(Millennial looks up from phone to watch video for 5 seconds)
(Millennial looks back down at phone)
(Millennial mumbles)….”okay boomer”

I only listened to this once, so I could be wrong, but at one point I believe he rhymes “fuck” with “fuck”

For full effect they must be Buds, or Bud Lights.

He said “beers”.

My beers get poured into beer glasses because I’m a beer snob. I understand Mr. Rock’s beers are drunk “out the bottle”.

Although not a big hip hop fan, I do like some of the genre and that includes some of Kid Rock’s stuff. But this particular cut has way too many “fuckin’ motherfuckers” for my old ears.
And you gotta admit, the line from Cowboy, “You’re straight outta Compton, I’m straight out the trailer” is pretty damn clever.

This is Monster Truck’s original from a few years ago:

His father’s 5600 square foot trailer, that is.

Gee, little Robbie rich boy is a lying piece of shit? Shocked I am.

Hey, it’s his signature move. This is the guy whose biggest hit rhymes “things” with “things” in the chorus.