Kid Rock's "All Summer Long"

I know it’s one part “Sweet Home Alabama” and one part ???.

It’s funny, I can hear the song in my head but I can’t even formulate one word! All I can hear is… “Ahhh - oooo - Ahhh…”

Help me out guys.


“Werewolves of London” by Warren Zevon.

This should probably be in Cafe Society.

Oh Og, I did it again! I accidentally transported to 2008! I hate that.

And now it is.

The songs have the same chord progression and very similar tempos, so it’s not the most difficult combination.

Also famous for Kid Rock’s fearless, groundbreaking decision to rhyme “things” and “things.” Not a near-rhyme nor a slant-rhyme nor an internal rhyme, this innovative poetic technique is formally called “It’s the same goddamned word.”

Being the SD and all, there actually is a technical name to this technique. It’s called an “identity rhyme.” A more interesting use of this technique would have the poet using homophones or homonyms, creating a sort of surprise that simply rhyming “thing” with “thing” does not. (ETA, unless, perhaps, you’re rhyming the ordinary definition of “thing” with the Scandinavian public assembly definition of “thing.” That said, even the strictest identity rhymes–where the word is literally the same in spelling and meaning–can be effectively used. Once again, I don’t think the OP’s song is one example of that, though.)

He learned that from Train.

This song is one of two songs that will immediately cause me to change the radio station, the other is The Freshman. There’s a few other songs that will cause me to change the station but the visceral “reach for the radio dials” reaction is not as severe as with these two songs.

That rhyme is not up to the standards we’ve come to expect from Kid Rock.

Okay - I just snorted my iced tea. ::shakes fist:: Marleyyyyyyyy!!!

And it’s not even a hard to rhyme word.
It’s “things” for goodness sakes. I can come up with 10 words that rhyme with things without even thinking that hard.

Me too, definitely (although I’m not familiar with this Freshman song). In fact, I take it one step further - I have banished from my car radio pre-sets any station that I have heard play this song. Why? Because the beginning of “All Summer Long” is almost note for note the beginning of “Werewolves Of London”, hearing it makes me think the station is playing “Werewolves”. The sense of disappointment then experienced upon the realization that I have been cheated into listening to a shitty send-up is not something a radio station should inflict on its listeners.

You people are focused on this (horrible as it is) and not on his apparent attempt to rhyme “bottle” and “tomorrow.” Straining at a gnat, etc.

Sorry, but the near (well, to be fair, not that near) rhyme of “bottle” and “tomorrow” (which is pronounced more like “tomahruh”) is infinitely better than the couplet:

We were trying different things
And we were smokin’ funny things

Like Spatial this song has a special place in hell for more than once confusing me into thinking I was about to hear Warren Zevon only to be subject to Kid Rock instead.

Opening lyrics to one of my favorite Kid Rock songs: I Got One For Ya

Lit up like the Fourth, I’m a happy drunk
Come to poppa big momma cause your daddy’s drunk
I wanna pump pump it up like the Goodyear Blimp
Make ya hollar for a dollar that’s the way I pimp
Gold links and minks and shrimp dinners on the bayou
Thems are things that I ain’t gonna buy you
It’s like one of them freak things
Hit it once maybe every couple week things

Not only does this song trick me into thinking I’m gonna hear WoL but then it goes on to play off of the racist song that I hate with all my heart.

However, I can’t help but like Bawitdabaw (or whatever the eff it is). It’s shameful, I know.

And yet, sich_hinaufwinden, even though he rhymes both “drunk” with “drunk” and “things” with “things” I find those lyrics significantly better.

I think it comes down to “freak things” and “couple-week things” being nicely descriptive, especially compared to “different things” and “funny things” which are about as lazy and non-descriptive as possible.

Also digging both the internal rhyme of “Gold links and minks” and the “bayou”/“ain’t gonna buy you” rhyme.

Give him credit for audacity anyway, to take possession of such recognizable riffs.

(Is “Sweet Home” racist when black singers/bands do it? :rolleyes:)

I dunno, do they praise Gov Wallace? And I’d rolleye you back but I hate fucking smilies.

Plenty of people dispute that the original praises Wallace. Remember the answer-song context.

As for singing the lines, bar and festival bands with black members certainly do. I think Ruben Studdard dropped them, but my guess would be that was for timing not content; I think he only did the first verse and chorus. I don’t pay much attention to American Idol news.