Don't try this at home ... wait a minute -- go ahead

Okay, I woke up with “I never Promised You A Rose Garden,” in my head this morning (it’s a different song every day), so I played it on youtube;

and that led to “I Say a Little Prayer for You” (Aretha Franklin version) (don’t ask me what the connection is, I don’t know);

and that led to “The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face,” which led to Peggy Seeger on Wikipedia;

followed by attempts on google image to find a picture of Ewan MaColl;

which led to a picture that was not of Pete Seeger but of a pretty hot Romany guy;

and on that page was a banner ad that said, “Gogol Bordello,” which was such an intriguing phrase that I had to click it, and thus I discovered — Gypsy Punk!

Who knew?

(Well, lots of people, but I didn’t!)

Woo hoo! Big fun!

“Start Wearing Purple!”

Ewan McColl. Not Pete Seeger. Quack.

Oh great…a YouTube link to Gypsy Punk. There go the next 4 hours of my day! :slight_smile:

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I just recently discovered them the beginning of this month - love them!

So I was late to the game as well.

You should have just asked me, I’ve known about Gogol Bordello for years. Good stuff.

What a coincidence, something like this happened this morning when I read about a new TV show just with Elijah Wood. Looked up Elijah Wood in IMDB, glanced at list of movies, clicked on ‘Everything Is Illuminated’ to find out where it was filmed. There, in the cast, playing ‘an eccentric local’ - Eugene Hutz - front man for Gogol Bordello!

I knew! Their music was featured in the film Wristcutters and I think one of the band acted in it too. iI hear they are pretty cool in person too.