Don't want to be a laughingstock? Don't shoot yourself in the foot!

Guess what, Agent Paige? You would have been a laughingstock anyway, video or no video, and this lawsuit is just going to make your situation worse!

He went in to a scheduled presentation to kids with a round chambered?

This goes well beyond idiotic.

Having seen that footage, I’m pretty sure it wasn’t kids he was talking to. Teens maybe, but not children.

Matters not.
He went into a controlled situation involving young humans with a round chambered. Dolt!

Hell-bent, armed and dangerous to a trained DEA agent teens?

This finally beats the story my uncle told me.

Background: Uncle was a treasury dept agent. (And, yes, he was special…) :wink: Uncle told me some stories about some nincompoops he had to deal with.

Story: Fella (back then, there were very few women agents) was transfered from the secret service section (division, whatever) into the section where Uncle worked. (No, my Uncle was never secret service; he was always a Narc.) This agent had been transfered away from ss as a result of an “incident” where he was running with (I believe) the president’s cadre and dropped his sidearm. Not only did he drop his piece, he decided that he would better serve the detail by continuing to run along unarmed and thus left his loaded weapon lying in the road. Luckily, another agent picked it up and returned it to him, but, also luckily, the agent returning the gun didn’t know it was the first agent’s, and had to go through channels. Thus, the first agent was removed from active details.

I guess there’s always gotta be one idiot in the group…

Oh, and Paige was an idiot for carrying a chambered sidearm into this presentation. But even if he is no longer wanted to give “drug education presentations,” he is now very well equipped to give “weapon safety presentations”… :smack:

If you haven’t seen it, the video is here.

The spooky thing about that video is that he “dry fires” that pistol before an actual round is discharged on the second trigger pull. I didn’t think a round would go into the chamber after a “dry fire”. Then again it’s incredibly dumb to “dry fire” any firearm (hurts the firing pin) - especially if you a lecturing to a roomful of people.
However, after seeing that video I don’t want to make any pretense of firearm knowledge lest it come back to haunt me as it did to that guy.
I’ve said it many times before, but my Pappy had only one rule about gun safety - “It’s always loaded”. Perhaps that’s erring on the side of caution but our family remained 100% accident free when it came to firearms.

He only pulls the trigger once, and that’s when he’s shot in the foot. He walks over to his assistant and racks the slide to the rear to show it’s unloaded. The assistant FAILING TO CHECK was the 2nd Major Mistake in the video. The first, of course, was not unloading everything way before the presentation.
Then he walks back to the middle and keeps talking. Then he presses down on the Slide Stop to release the slide. He then keeps talking a little bit and pulls the trigger. The 3rd Major thing wrong in the video was him holding the pistol with his finger on the trigger the whole time. The 4th was pulling the trigger with the pistol pointed at his foot! Even if the pistol IS unloaded and you’re about to dry fire it, you still dont do so with it pointed at your foot. Or, for that matter, anything you would seriously mind sending a bullet into. You point it in a safe direction and pull the trigger.
This guy was some piece of fucking work. And he deserves all the embarrassment he gets. He should be fired! He committed no less than half a dozen MAJOR LIFE THREATENING to cause that accident. Then the fucker grabs a freaking assault rifle while his foot is still bleeding from the first accidental discharge. WTF!?

However, there was nothing wrong with the dry firing itself. It doesn’t hurt the Glock. It’s actually necessary to dry fire a Glock. There’s no other way to disassymble it! Dry Firing wont do anything negative to any modern centerfire semi-auto. The whole “never dry fire cause it hurts the weapon”, is advice from the past that keeps wrongly popping up into modern day. Kinda like the whole “ending your sentences with a preposition” thing. There’s nothing wrong with that, but people keep saying there is.

More from the idiot:

Dude, I think not being able to work undercover anymore should be the least of your worries!

It seems like he would have been too well known to work undercover anyhow–former college and professional football player, deputy, and corrections officer, all in the same area where he became a federal agent. You would think lots of people, including lots of criminals, would know him as a law enforcement office–especially as a former prison guard. Think he might have interacted with a few convicts in that job?

Plus, if he did work undercover, why is he doing public relations stuff like giving (recorded) presentations in a DEA shirt?

Nitpick, but many modern centerfire firearms and even a few rimfire firearms can be safely dryfired. Glock is one of them. Dryfiring is required to field strip a Glock.

I think that the guy should never again be allowed to carry a gun.
That being said, I cannot help but think that this guy had savoir faire like nobody’s business. He’s in front of a group of people that he’s lecturing about gun safety, says that he’s the only person in the room with the skill/whatever to handle a glock 40, SHOOTS HIMSELF IN THE FOOT, then casually goes strolling about the room using it as an example for gun safety! THAT is style!
He’s brilliant, with cajones of stainless steel, and were I rich, I would put him on my payroll…but he should never again be allowed to carry a gun.
I did find it more than amusing that the video ended about the time that the man picked up his little girl to go.

Heh. This reminded me of a story my dad told me years ago…
He was helping my uncle put in a new roof. One friend of my uncle’s was using a nail gun, and some chain of events happened where he tripped or something and somehow ended up with a nail in his foot. Off to the hospital he went. When he got in to the reception, the nurse took one look at his foot and asked…

“Why didn’t you stop hammering?”

:rolleyes: :smiley: