Don't you think light is quite slow?

For example think about this: You wouldn’t be able to play Quake with somebody on the moon. This sucks…

…definitely, I posted this ten minutes ago!

This thread is giving me heartburn. Thank god for quanTUMS!

Maybe the universe is just too damn big

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299,792,458 m/s - it’s not just a good idea, it’s the law.

Yes, it’s too slow. I’m pretty sure that was light doing 55 in the left lane of the beltway this morning. There oughta to be a law (of physics.)

…so, if you’re behind light and you flip it the bird, does it ever know about it?

Yeah, but you could play scrabble.

I think of it as rather quick - well outside my personal experience. A meteor a couple meters across has roughly the same kinetic energy as the Hiroshima bomb, yet is moving at only a small fraction of the speed of light. That’s still way too fast for me to percieve if I was standing in it’s path (ignoring the fact it would burn up in the atmosphere). On the other hand, the universe is unbelievable vast, so large that an insignificantly small backwater like the solar system is itself unbelievable vast. Scale is relative.

It’s not only that, another thing is that we can’t reasonably think about space travel. We are pretty much bound to our solar system, others are hundreds if no more years away from us, I’m afraid going for so long trip will never be a rational idea despite technological development.

Light is incredibly slow! I want to talk to Og and ask him why he had to set such a low speed limit.

And then to make things worse, he makes the expansion of the universe occur much, much faster than the speed of light… just to taunt us!

I don’t see why you couldn’t.
I mean, aside from the super obvious problem of there being nobody on the moon to play with. And the related obvious problem of there being no wifi that stretches that far.

1.26 seconds to beam light from the Earth to the moon or vice versa. Let’s postulate that both wifi and an opponent from the moon are available. I’d imagine that in such a universe, you’d also being dealing with quantuum computers with predictive analysis that could cut that time in half. Maybe into thirds.

In short, less than half a second lag. Quake is doable under those conditions.

Ever since I started using energy-saving bulbs, it’s not as fast as it used to be.

As a side note, have you noticed that in the past, there was a lag between when you turned your TV on and when you could watch it, then there was a time when there was no lag, and now the lag is back? That’s called progress.

Half second is HUUUGE lag, and more likely it would be like 2 seconds. Direct connection between players is rather improbable.

Either space is too big, or human lifespans (and attention spans) are too short. The oldest trees in the world are about 5000 years old. For them, a hundred years must feel like a lunch break. Unfortunately, trees couldn’t care less about space travel.

How do you know the trees aren’t talking about space travel right now? :confused: Maybe it just takes them an entire day to say one word.

“Space is big. Really big. You might think it’s a long way to the Chemist’s but that’s just peanuts compared to space.”

Quake is quarter as much fun under those conditions. It might be fun for novelty’s sake, but as they warp around the map it would get old reeeeal fast.


If their speed of movement is in the same relation it isn’t going to work for them anyway.