Doody family hope to raise profile of faggots

The saying two nations separated by a common language couldn’t ring more true this week.
Yes, apparently it’s National Faggot Week in the UK.
“The nation knows that the Cornish pasty, Yorkshire pudding, haggis and fish and chips are great British dishes, but all too often the faggot is left off that list,” said Janet Doody. Her husband Fred added: "It’s unfair because faggots were a British delicacy long before any of the others.
**“The great British faggot is full of flavour and a great belly warmer at this time of year.” **


It’s true what they say about British Public Schools, then.

I’ve always found that to be true.

Wait a sec, you mean there’s a food called that too.

That’s just rude and discriminatory.

I’m sure North American faggots taste just as good. I’m sure there are just as many people here who could eat faggots all day long, pounding down one after another and never feel spent from the activity.

I bet they’re even better with a nice big banger.

Ohhhhhhh Malacandra? :smiley: And our other Brit Dopers?

And here I thought that this thread would be about a beloved 1950s TV puppet being reduced to his fundamental wooden sticks (and the family trying to put the best possible face on that tragedy):
“Beloved puppet Howdy Doody tragically fell into a wood processor this week and emerged as 17 round sticks of varying length. His family is accepting donations to the National Rest Home for Dowels in lieu of flowers.”

Spotted Dick, anyone?

I’d be a little concerned about where the spots came from. :eek:

Hmmm . . . The Doody family looks suspiciously unchanged lo these two years later . . . Has Mr. Brain finally revived his mighty faggots?

“Faggot” is British for cigarette.

No it’s not. That’s a fag.

And faggot as an insult is hardly unknown, indeed far more commonly encountered than the foodstuff.

According to that article, it’s a food item.

I thought that wasn’t until January.

I thought a faggot was a bundle of sticks, of which Allenadale had none for burning…

My understanding is that Brits indeed call cigarettes faggots, while what we call an elevator they call a “fudgepacker” and what we call the “trunk” and “hood” of the car they call the “diesel dyke” and “pig-bottom-boy” respectively.

Is the pork content the reason that God Hates Faggots? And if so, is this only the OT?

faggot is a food item. which i have never seen, despite living in the UK for 19 years.
fag is a cigarette.

In Atlanta it was just a couple of weeks ago.

feel i should try to stick up for the british public school system, but i was a state-schooled child, and hence raised to believe that anyone who paid for their education was a closet queer. reading stephen fry’s autobiography didn’t help.

As far as I can remember, a proper faggot (as they refer to the footstuff) is a sort of meatball – pork or oxtail I think.

I managed to google up [URL=]a tin of them

“faggot” in reference to “a bundle of sticks” is derivative of the middle-english or anglo-french fagot, which simply means “bundle” but typically refers to a bundle of sticks or bars. Fag, as a ciggy, is derived from this.

Argh! Stupid faggots.