Doom 3 experience

OK, I love Doom 3. Its very scary…BUT…

I have an Envision monitor and a lot of the areas are too dark for me to see. Is it my standard PC monitor? I have turned the brightness up to 100 but it has not helped.Do any of you who have played the game have this issue? If not, what kind of monitor are you using?

They didn’t make this image for no reason. (larger version, possibly overkill).

What is your contrast set to? And for brightness and contrast, check settings in both the game and your monitor. Things that might help: play with the lights out, especially no obvious glare from a lamp or something. And clean your monitor.

Also see this and see if it helps. The first page has info on how to use these.

I am embarrassed to admit that it had not occurred to me. I turned up the brightness within the game and now it looks great. Thanks!

Uhm, did you whip out your flashlight?

The whole game is built on incredibly dark areas and the premise that you’ve got to switch between your flashlight and your gun.

I guess it was to build up tension, but it just seemed silly that the protagonist wouldn’t just tape the damn thing to his weapon.

There’s a new version coming out soon with some graphical enhancements and the flashlight has been taped to the gun too.

As someone put it, the game is a FPF (First Person Flashlight).

I played without the flashlight mod but I didn’t find it excessively dark - except where it was supposed to be, of course. Don’t think I ever quite finished it though, it got too repetitious for me.

I really liked the first person flashlight thing. Having to chose between seeing and shooting was a pretty clever idea, and clever new ideas are pretty scarce on the ground in FPS.

(everyone complains that its “not realistic, since you could just tape a flashlight to your gun”. But vidoegames are full of unrealistic mechanics that are added to enhance gameplay. No one complains about being shot thousands and thousands of times and being able to keep walking because they “found some medkits”).

I don’t like that I have to put down the flashlight to pick up my shotgun and shoot at things I can’t see. What? A Marine can’t get a coal miner’s hat?

Coal Miners? On Mars?