Doom Eternal

Anyone playing it? How does it compare to Doom 2016?

I’ve put in about 2 hours so far. Very fast and the shooting is very good. But there are a lot more platforming bits and I’m rubbish at platforming. I failed one bit about a dozen times before rage-quiting. I’ll need to either find a video showing what I’m doing wrong, or a cheat that lets me fly around it.

Spent a few hours with it over the weekend. The shooting is great but the platforming parts are iffy. Don’t really have much to compare it to just because I only ever spent a few minutes with Doom 2016.

I started Doom '16 a few weeks ago and have maybe 2 hours in. Being so close, how much ‘better’ is Doom Eternal? From what I’ve seen the graphics weren’t a huge step up, and it sounds like the gameplay is the same plus maybe some extra platforming.

How come? I also got only a little into Doom 2016 at first then stopped playing because I wasn’t enjoying it. Then I read that the game is designed to be played somewhat differently than the original Doom and you’re supposed to push through and keep moving. Once I tried playing that way, the game became a lot more fun.

No particular reason beyond a lack of time. That’s kinda my MO with games generally nowadays; not to derail the OP, but the last game to really draw me in was Control, and I can only attribute my interest in that game to the trippy story and gameplay mechanics.

I still have Doom '16 and maybe someday I’ll go back to it. From a storyline POV (which, I know, is LOL in a Doom game), I am a bit intrigued as to why Doom Eternal takes place on Earth as opposed to Mars.

I’ve only watched the trailer for the game but the “Hell on Earth” aspect of the game looks pretty good. I’m pretty sure that’s why it got moved to our planet. Wasted landscapes of ruined skyscrapers with demons roaming around seem more compelling than outposts on Mars.

If you want a storyline, you must consider the parallel with the original series of games. Doom 1 took place on Mars (and Phobos, and Hell), while Doom 2 (“Hell on Earth”) took place on Earth. Doom 3 is back on Mars, though.

Doom 3 was basically just a rehash of the original story from Doom 1, though.

I used a trainer from WeMod to get past the platforming section I was stuck on only to find even more difficult platforming sections. It seems this one was designed more for Millenials using controllers than Boomers using mouse & keyboard (like me). If I hadn’t already put in more than 2 hours I’d be going for a refund from Steam.

You’d think, but at least for the first couple hours (as far as I’ve gotten in the game) nothing looks particularly Earth-like. You’re on Earth, but one that’s been “terraformed” to look like Hell - it’s all giant chasms full of lava and towering gothic flesh-cathedrals. Aside from some gutted skyscrapers in the background, very little of it looks like Earth - and a lot of the non-demonic architecture is from some weird high-tech pseudo-medieval fantasy world that’s tied to your character’s background somehow.

I’m also not really digging the platformer aspects. Doom 2016 had the right balance of jumping and mantling around, Doom Eternal just takes it too far. Double jumps, mid-air dashes, doing acrobatic flips off flagpoles to attach to climbable walls? I was already thinking of it as “Mario in Hell” before I got to the giant spinning fire chains floating in space for no reason other than to make a harder jumping puzzle.

There’s still a lot to like - combat is excellent and really viscerally satisfying, just like in 2016, but I think they’ve really lost the plot with this one.

Platforming makes me sad. :frowning:

The platforming is annoying, the killing and mayhem is fun. Glory kills are the same as Doom 2016, but I like them, they give me a brief second or two time to catch my breath :slight_smile: