Doctor of Doom

I just got “The Doom Pack” from Steam. Is there any particular order in which I’m supposed to play these games? Does it matter?
Comes with the following games:
Doom 3
Doom 3: Ressurection of Evil
Master levels of Doom 2
Final Doom
Ultimate Doom
Doom 2

Doom: The Early Years: Pretty Bad

Not really, but here’s the order they were released in:

The Ultimate Doom
Doom II: Hell on Earth
Master levels of Doom II
Final Doom
Doom 3
Doom 3: Ressurection of Evil

Doom, Doom 2, then stop.

Do they play on Win XP?

I couldn’t find this on a search on the Steam site. Was it a holiday special?

I am very interested.

I got mine on the holiday special, around $10 I think.
Not sure if it’ll run on XP but it runs on my laptop with integrated gaphics in Win7. I’d bet if you have any kind of real machine it’ll run fine.

And what’s wrong with Doom3? I’ve only played the first level but it seems like it could be good.

I remember getting the original Doom - all three 3.5" floppies - and playing through until 4 am. :smiley:

I was younger then…

I thought it was pretty good, except the difficulty settings are skewed towards being too easy. It takes away a lot of the fun of playing when you realize that you can have a demon chewing on your neck while you get up and go make a sandwich, and then shoot it when you get back and not have accumulated too much damage.

(And I only play one or two video games a year, so its not like it was my awesome gamer skills that were making me think it was too easy.)

Dude, it’s Doom. You shoot demons in the face, find the blue key and exit the level. We’re not talking Metal Gear Solid amounts of plot here :slight_smile:

And zoid, the problem with Doom 3 was that not only did it try to shift the Doom action formula into a horror game, which betrayed the idea of the franchise (i.e. having mindless fun shooting demons in the face and finding the blue key) but was really badly done to boot - their entire concept of “horror” was monsters popping out of cupboards or spawning behind you when the lights go out over and over and over again. The first time it makes you jump. By the 50th time in one level, you just toss grenades into the obvious incoming BOOGABOOGA sequence on general principle and are more surprised when there* isn’t *a demon there.

There’s always a demon there, though.