Doonesbury: I'll Bet Duke's Been Killed Off

Of course I can’t know for sure now, but I’m betting that Trudeau has killed off Duke in today’s strip.

Is anyone else getting that vibe?

No. Why would everyone else survive except Duke? Duke is just being his normal self and hiding under the seat.

No, not really. Not until you mentioned it. It’ll be interesting to see what happens tomorrow, though.

Hmm, now that Duke’s inspiration is gone, that isn’t entirely out of the question, but I don’t see Trudeau terminating one of his headliner characters like that, especially one he can use to get so much political mileage.

Duke says, “I have a bad feeling about this honey.” Duke never has a bad feeling about anything.

The last panel is telling. Why did Trudeau obscure Duke? And why would Duke hide under the seat and not Honey?

To save himself.

I’d think that if Trudeau whacked Duke, it would be suicide.

I think he’s putting Duke down low so we can see Honey’s face as she screams.

Let me ask you all this: why does Honey scream a second time in the last panel? She screams when the explosion happens in the second panel, in the third panel she’s stopped screaming as the car lands with a thud and after that she screams again. Why two screams?

The first scream was for the explosion, the second was because Duke’s dead.

You realize of course if I’m right there will be a thread tomorrow entitled Duke’s Dead and Torgo Called It, Bitches. If I’m wrong, let us never speak of it again.

I agree to the first condition of your terms but not the latter.

You can’t tell who said “AIEEEE!” Might have been Honey or Duke or the driver.

I’m with Flightlessbird.

It’s definitely not the driver; look how nonplussed he is in the last panel. But the question remains: why is Honey screaming in the last panel?

May I remind you of a certain poster’s sheepfucking proclivities?

Yeah…no. Duke’s not dead. You jumped the gun, scooter.

Guke’s been “dead” before. He got zombiefied when he ran a medical school in Grenada. Even if he catches a bad case of shrapnel poisoning this time, he can still survive. It takes more than a little land mine to kill a zombie!

OK…of course I meant Duke. Honey’s still alive, after all. :smiley:
I’m going to Hell for that one, aren’t I?

I’m betting Duke’s still quite alive at this point in the story.

First Honey scream: when the cab got blown upwards; second: after it landed.

I also doubt that Trudeau’s going to kill him off now. He’s got to have somebody in the midst of all the FEMAtowns and stuff. Duke’s the only character that can play that role.

If Trudeau were going to kill Duke, he’d at least wait for a Sunday strip.

Not necessarily. Andy Lippincott succumbed to AIDS on a weekday and B.D. lost his leg on a weekday as well.

No way any comic strip writer in their right mind is going to kill off one of their headliner characters. It would ruin the entire Doonesbury dynamic.

Actually, the best way to do it would be have whatever actually kills him happen on Thursday or Friday, and then use Sunday for the emotional fallout.

Yes, he’s just ducking. You can see the top of his head in front of Honey.