Doonesbury: week of 7/12/2004 (Warning - may contain strong language)

This week, Doonesbury is focusing on the VP’s recent usage of the F-word on the Senate floor (at least he ddn’t use it ib television.)

When asked if he would apologize and refrain from using such language in the future, the VP refuses, and indicates his desire to continue with his language. Apparently, he finds it catharsic. I can sympathize. The VP then indicates his desire to spice up his language, and lists some of the words he intends to use.

He lists: the “S-word”, the “P-word”, the “C-word”, and the “J-word”.

The S-word: Obviously, Harry Truman’s favorite word: Manure

The P-word: Could be either male or female genitals

The C-word: Probably refers to female genitals.

The J-word: ???

Does any one have a clue what the J-word is?

Justified? :smiley:


;j ?

None of you know what the “J” word is?

Jesusfuckingchrist, what’s wrong with people today? :rolleyes:


It’s a gag. He wants people to think “J-word? What’s the J-word?”, and then chuckle when they realize how the strip got into their heads. In other words, there is no J-word, you plring nbbhry!


Or jizz.


Now that’s spicy!

Come on, it’s Cheney.

“J” is for Junta, obviously.

What’s the ‘J-word’?

I can’t tell you, but it does end in ‘-gry’


On the same token, there’s a “Malcolm in the Middle” episode where a neighbor criticizes his mom because Malcolm has taught other kids the “R-word”. What’s the R-word? Or is it a big TV whoosh?

I haven’t watched Malcom in several months, but it might be “Retard.”

Pure speculation. Take it for what it’s worth.


The J word: Jew

The R word:
Well, traditionally, there are three of them:

That does go with todays usage (he can go J-word himself).

It’s either jackoff, jizz, or JohnKerry.

It’s A Joke. I Say Again, A Joke. As In Comic Strip With Political Tendencies. Comic = Joke.

Hijack: I thought this past Sunday’s Doonesbury (you can find it up on was very funny.

So’s the Simpsons but people still argue about where Springfield is.