Dopefest at a North Central PA Amusement Park?

This is to see if there is any interest in a Dopefest at Knoebels Grove Amusement Park for April 24th or 25th; opening weekend for the park. Opening weekend has several advantages; for those who want to ride wristbands are usually “buy one, get one” and the crowds are the lightest they are for the entire season; many rides are basically “walk on” for much of the day. For serious ride freaks there is also a small coaster club event there that weekend which you could investigate and make contacts with.

Knoebels is a very different kind of park and maybe well suited to this; I usually describe it as some sort of KGB training center that still thinks Leave it to Beaver is how Americans live. There is no parking fee, no admission, no gate, you can bring your own food and sodas (no alcohol), the carousel still has a brass ring and there are two world-class wooden coasters. If you have a dog on a leash and under control it is just as welcome as you are. If you ride a lot you can get a wristband both of these days; only want to ride one or two rides, you can get tickets. Want to just walk around and see things? Won’t cost you a dime. Free shows, two free museums and plenty to see with no charge. If you don’t want to haul food, the park food wins international awards and the cost is about the same as Denny’s or IHOP at the most. In other words it can be as cheap or as expensive of a day as you want to make it.

If you are a nearby Doper with a family who thinks this is all a little silly, this could be perfect since they have an entire amusement park to amuse themselves in while you visit with people from here.

My idea would be to pick a spot near the entrance for “visiting as the park is opening” and an easy to find spot in the park for like 2pm. Dopers could “gang up” or just lurk around as they pleased. I could even teach you how to ITOT (informal take-over time – everyone gets in line at an appointed time and rides together) on the bumper cars; which just happen to be the old 500lb Lusse models that are like hitting each other with real cars! That alone could be fun.

To see what the park is like

So let me have it: good idea? Bad idea? Interested? It’s not near any one big population center but fairly “do-able” from NYC or Harrisburg or Philly or further.

Sounds like fun. I’d probably do it if I was in driving range from that place. Of course, if I was in driving range, I’d be shivering from the artic cold, dying of thirst and hunger from the lack of sweet tea and grits, and miserably pining away for SEC football, so it’s just as well I don’t live up there.

But on the other hand you would be that much closer to Cana --------- oh. Oh well. I guess you can see why I never went into real estate. :slight_smile:
(Actually I like Canada. With their legal system being much more reasonable than ours, their fun houses are actually fun.)

I clicked on the link to see how far away it was; the first thing I saw was the weather report for tomorrow: 37 degrees and a possibility of snow. There’s still another month for things to warm up. It’s farther than I’m willing to drive, but it’s a good idea for a dopefest.

I just did the math, and realized that this year will be our fifteenth annual trip to Knoebel’s Phall Phun Phest…wow.

We’ve been talking forever about adding in a summer trip as well – I’ve never even seen the pools in operation! But as for opening weekend, it’s just not going to work out from a free-time standpoint.

However, for anyone who is on the fence about it, I can say as someone who has traveled all over the country specifically to ride roller coasters, Knoebel’s is hands-down the best family amusement park I’ve ever seen. Hope some of you can make it!

We won’t be making it, but this still deserves a bump.

And if anyone can go, they’re offering buy one/get one free on a handstamp for that weekend:

Knobels was the place to go when I was growing up in central PA. Mind, you, it was about the only place to go, but it rocks. I still think it’s better than most big-money amusement parks. Wish I could go with the kids–I eventually will.

Sounds like great fun, but alas, I will be in FL that weekend… for work… ick.

Damn. I wish there was more interest in this. Knoebel’s is my “default” amusement park. My kids are 12 and 15, and have never even been to Hershey Park (why pay $45 per person to stand in line when $45 is a few hours of fun for 4 people!).

If this does, in fact, happen, count me in. I’m less than an hour away. In fact, in case I fail to check this thread, email me

Oh, man! I wish I could go. Knoebel’s is the best!

Maybe we’ll try and float the idea again for Phunfest (Lord only knows how many of them I’ve been at) or when Flying Turns gets going. And if anyone does make it next weekend look for the guy Amish from the neck up and English from the neck down. I’ll probably be around the bumper cars or the rest of the coaster nuts.