Doper Christmas 2003

Dear Y’all

So what are we gonna do this year? Wanna do the gift exchange again? I kinda like that idea (Secret Santa) because it is just such a good feeling to receive a gift in the mail from someone we don’t know, but has kinda “sussed” us out by reading the personality behind our threads.

But here’s something I just wanna throw out and see what y’all think: Some of us have actually managed a successful Dope-Meet or two, and have achieved a kind of unity/friendship with each other. (Yeah, I know: I’m still on “Cloud 9” from Georgia-Dope!:slight_smile: Thanks, mouthbreather!)

So I was thinking if we have a Christmas get-together in our respective States, could we maybe put together a package for our men and women in the military? We could e-mail each other and assign the gifts we want to send and bring those to our Dope Meet.

This is just a rough draft of an idea, and I am very open to suggestions, so holler back at me and let me know what you think.

Even if we don’t get together for the holidays, we could assign a person to be the receiver/sender of all the stuff. I can just see the card now: Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays from the Georgia Dopers! :smiley:



that sounds nifty. bluesman was very helpful earlier this year in helping with an address for us to send a military care package.

Sounds like a great idea, Quasimodem. I haven’t yet met up with other Dopers in RL and haven’t participated in the Secret Santas of the past, so am interested in that too. One thing it might be good to point out is if you want a package to get to the troops overseas by the holidays, it would have to be mailed early. I’m not sure how early; someone might want to contact a local TV or radio station or the USO to see if they know what the recommended send date is for holiday packages.

I’m up for just about anything.

I have no money to get my son anything for Chrsitmas, much less anyone else.
I have been waiitng ever since I became a member to get together with local dopers.
Anyone want to have a winterfest in Cleveland we will be there!

Here are the U.S. Postal Service recommended mailing dates for military mail from Postal Bulletin 22110 (9-4-03).

To all APO/FPO Zip codes,

First Class letters and Priority Mail - Dec. 11
Parcel Air Lift (PAL) - Dec. 4
Space Available Mail (SAM) - Nov.28
Parcel Post - Nov. 13