DFW Dopers - it's time for our annual Christmas party!

Any ideas?

We usually do a chinese gift exchange (or whatever you call it, I’m sure someone can post the formal rules.)

Where? When? Who?

Count me in. I’m in an apartment, but I’ll be happy to host it if no one else wants to do it.

A chinese gift exchange sounds good. Do we want to do white elephants like we did last year or do we want to go with something else instead?

racinchikki and I are interested, but we’ll need a date/time before we can say for sure.

Any day except Sunday is fine for me, and she can probably get any day off work, but preferably Wednesday or Saturday (her scheduled days off).

Location: How about somewhere east of metro Dallas, so I don’t have to drive through it? :smiley:

I sent an email out to the DFW Dopers registered at Arborwood. If you haven’t registered there, please be sure to do that if you want to be included in future gatherings.

Zyada and I are the only ones who have access to the email addresses and we promise not to sell them to anyone.

Go to: http://www.arborwood.com/awforums/show-toparea-1.php?fid=616&taid=1 to get on the list.

I really wish I could because last year was so much fun!

These next two weekends are booked with us trying to do last minute stuff before the baby gets here.

We’ll be there in spirit! Hopefully next year we’ll be recovered enough to hold the fete at our house again.

Gunslinger - we could do that if you can recommend a place. I don’t think any of us know East Dallas that well to come up with a location.

well, foo - neither do we - we’re two hours away from East Dallas, which is also part of why we don’t want to drive across the city if we can avoid it.

May Cheffie can come up with an idea. He’s on that side of town and familiar with restaurants and such in that area.


We should probably shoot for something after the actual Christmas week. I’m not sure about everyone else, but we’ve got tons of committments for that week already. Wednesday will be spent cooking, Wednesday night spent with Moxmaiden’s family. Thursday spent cooking(again) and with a nuclear family day(me, her, and the expansion sets) and possibly a Christmas dinner for a handful of people. Friday is a recovery/cleanup day, and Saturday was claimed by my side of the family.

There are lots of nice places East of the metroplex, I’ll see if I can dig up a few on the South-East side and see if they have group accommodations if we don’t want to try to borrow someone’s home. Not going to volunteer ours just yet because I haven’t talked to Moxmaiden about it and because we’re not on the Eastern part of town. We’re about 30 minutes from the 635/IH-30 intersection. You could go from Longview to our house and only hit three traffic lights and a stop sign. Highway driving all the way, although there is the 30/35 mixmaster in downtown and one or two other merge type situations you’d have to navigate.


I think after Christmas sounds like a good idea. Maybe the 27th?

27th works for me. I’m on vacation until the 5th so I can get things organized. Well, as much as I can get things organized.

The 27th is Saturday, the one claimed by my side of the family for our big gift exchange/get-together. The schedule hasn’t been nailed down yet, although the day has. We sometimes do afternoon get-togethers, which may end ~6:30 and would leave us up to attend an evening get-together, but we couldn’t commit to something on the 27th at this point. If that is what works for the most people though, don’t worry about us, we’ll catch up with you guys sometime in the future if we can’t make it to this one.



We haven’t heard from some of the other DFW dopers. Where is everyone?

The entire week after Christmas will be no good for me - my sister and I are going to London! Woo-hoo!

I swear you DFW Dopers just don’t want me to EVER show up at one of your events :wink:

Have a great Holiday Season everyone!

Well since we’re still not 100% on the date, there’s still a chance that you can come to the party.

You know, while I’m sorry pilot couldn’t make it - if we have it after Christmas and Grace or someone is willing to help me clean up a bit (read: hold my hand while I freak out) I’ll be quite happy to have it at my place.

Gunslinger - while my place is in the mid-cities, you could avoid Dallas traffic altogether by taking I-20 to 360 - going north on that will get you to 183, which gets you to my neighborhood.

I had a recent email correspondence with Balance and he mentioned that he’s going to be spending most of the remainder of this month with his family in Naw’Leans. I dropped minty green a note about this thread but haven’t heard back from him on it.


Minty Green won’t be able to make it. He emailed me a few days ago and they’re very busy since the arrival of the little mint a couple of weeks ago.

Well hell, let’s just get together for Martin Luther King Day then.

Seriously, I can recommend some places in this neck of the woods if we want to do it at a restaurant or some such, and it’s also possible that we could do it here at my house, although I’ll have to discuss it with Mrs. Chef before I can promise anything.