DFW Dopers... Yule Love It!

What do you guys think of coming over to my place for a tree-trimming/chinese gift exchange party? Mrs. Chef is one of those people who likes to have the tree up for most of December, and we figured that since we abruptly have all these friends, we’d make 'em come help hang stuff on it.

What do you say? We can each bring a small gift and do one of those exchange deals where people can swipe presents from each other… trim the tree… maybe watch “A Christmas Story” on video… it’ll be fun.

I’m thinking the first weekend of December… what days are good for you folks?

If it’s on the 2nd, I can’t make it. For some reason we’re having the company Christmas party on a Saturday. On the other hand, we only get 2 free drinks this year, so it’s probably not really that important.

Summary: If it’s on the 9th, I can definitely make it. If it’s on the 2nd, I may skip the company party.

I have something going on in the third weekend of the month, but other than that I’m available. I’d love to do it! (And I have a fondness for dangly things :wink: )

Does anyone know the rules for a chinese auction? I did one once and loved it!

And if I can bring anything, tell me!

I love “A Christmas Story” (it’s now available on DVD). Count me in.

My company is having its holiday party on Dec. 1, other than that, I’m open. However, in the interest of fairness can we also watch that Rug Rats Chanukkah special?

If you’re referring to the same “dangly things” as in this thread, then you can come over and try to touch mine when we kiss hello (if JimB isn’t in the way, of course)…
big fake wink

The weekend of the ninth is fine with me; I was just throwing a random date on the wall to see if it would stick. In fact Mrs. Chef just said the weekend of the ninth is better for her, and she’s the boss.

As for the chinese gift exchange (a “chinese auction” is a different deal, where an item to be auctioned is displayed and a high figure quoted, which gradually comes down, and the first person to bid gets the item… which I realize you totally don’t care about), here’s how we usually do it:
[ul][li]Each person brings a small gift valued at no more than some agreed-upon amount (e.g. $20). The items can be regular gifts or gag gifts; should be wrapped, and should have no names on them (neither “from” nor “to”). The gifts are placed on a table.[/li][li]participants draw numbers to determine the pecking order. The first person picks a gift and unwraps it.[/li][li]Subsequent participants may either select another wrapped package from the table, or may “kidnap” an already-opened gift from someone who’s already had their turn.[/li][li]If someone kidnaps your gift, you get another turn to either open a wrapped gift or kidnap a different one. (You aren’t allowed to kidnap your own gift back from the person who took it until at least one turn has passed.)[/li][li]Once a gift has been kidnapped twice, it is immune from further kidnapping.[/li][li]It is perfectly permissible to choose and unwrap the gift that you yourself have brought. (bear in mind that it may be kidnapped away from you.)[/li][li]Wheeling and dealing is also permissible.[/li][li]The exchange continues until all gifts have been unwrapped.[/ul][/li]
So we’ll need to set a price that everyone’s comfortable with, and then each person brings one gift so they work out even.

As for what you can bring, Zyada, let’s come back to that. I’m still thinking about what I want to do for the food…maybe I’ll make a big pot of soup or chili. One thing that probably ISN’T necessary is beer or wine. I still have tons left over from the last party. grin

Sounds like fun! And just let me know what to bring. I can make something or buy any other items we’ll need.

And Adam, I was also thinking about Hannukah. I have some really pretty paper for wrapping these gifts.

Where’s the rest of my post?

I dunno, Grace…what did it say?

Adam, we needn’t think of these as “Christmas gifts.” Howsabout we call it a “holiday gift exchange” (so as not to offend any sino-americans who might be reading this thread)?

If you have a copy of the Rugrats Hannukah special, by all means bring it. Does anyone have the south park episode featuring Mr. Hankey the Christmas Poo? You know, in the interests of christian/jewish interfaith togetherness.

Reading back, I see I posted “the weekend of the ninth” rather than “the ninth”, so it’s not really a change…

Anyhoo, my boss is hosting a small party for her elite communications samurai team (me included) on the ninth. Is there any objection to having our tree-trimming party on Sunday the 10th? (if there IS a problem, we’ll work it out. I don’t really care when we do this, except that Mrs. Chef won’t want it to be too much later than that.)

Hmmm, let me check my schedule. As luck has it, I’m free that day too.

Honestly I’m beginning to suspect that I have no life. Maybe I should get one of those little people like the rest of my friends.

the only objection i have to the 10th is that my week of exams begins on the 11th. But since i don’t think i have one on monday… i’ll probably be there. just need to check when it is. :slight_smile:

Trust me on this, OK. I won’t be anywhere near to your “dangly things”. Now, I may be close to Zyada, if she’ll let me.

Don’t do it! Not having a life is better than having it possessed by one of the little creatures. They don’t give it back for 20 years and that’s if you are lucky.

Since it’s going to be a Sunday thing, the 3rd is open, too. I also have no life and will be free on either weekend. My rug rats are over 20 so they’re (or rather, I’m) no longer under contract.


Sounds like fun! Keep me posted and count me as very likely to be there (barring any disasters, natural or othewise).

Thanks to Grace for giving me the Heads-up! :smiley:

I just found out that our Christmas Hafla is the 10th (4-8 if anyone wants to come :slight_smile: ) I thought it was going to be the next week. The ninth is the best for me.

Actually, Sunday would be better. Since it is a Sunday, though, I’ll be available on the 3rd and the 10th.

Okay, if Sunday the 3rd is okay with folks, let’s settle on that. It will free Palmyra up to study on the 10th and will allow Zyada to come.

That’s Sunday, December 3rd, folks. Keep it real.

There won’t be a fancy sit-down dinner this time…I’m going to make the alternate menu from the last dinner (cuban-style black beans and rice with ham, cornbread muffins, mexican pastries for dessert), to give everyone a rest from traditional holiday food. I figure we’ll officially start the party at six p.m., although anyone who wants to hang out in the kitchen and gab is welcome to come anytime after five o’clock. We’ll trim the tree, then we’ll eat, then we’ll do the gift exchange, and then we’ll watch “A Christmas Story.”

It should be fun.

p.s. Jim, my dangly things remark did not imply that you and I would be playing tonsil hockey. I meant that you might dive in between Zyada and me to try to go tongue-spelunking with HER. So relax, your masculinity is safe.

Chef, let me know if I can bring anything. I believe you still have some of my beer left over from last time, so we should be good on that. But, if you need other foods donated, just ask.

Geez, how much beer did Aglarond bring?

Who’s gonna pick me up to ensure that I get there early or ::gasp:: on-time? Hey, if Meep comes, maybe he/she (??) would like to meet me at the new mall and we can drive down together.

Is there an Asian theme to this party? I’ve seen Chinese gift exchange and a samurai something or other.

I have 2 issues…

  1. What do I need to bring?
  2. How do I get there?