Ah-Yee! DFW Dopers - wanna laissez les bon temps rouler?

Anybody interested in getting together around mardi gras?

I was thinking the sunday before (Feb. 25), because it lends itself to cool invitations using the “mardi gras minus two” formula in french. something like:

“Mon Dieu! It’s Mardi Gras Moins Deux!”

We could even do it Friday, Feb. 23, and call it “Vendredi Gras.”

There’s lots of cajun-creole places to gather, ranging from the kitschy (e.g. Razzoo’s) to the down-home (Dodie’s Seafood Café) to in-between (Crescent City Café). Of course, they will probably be crowded, so we’d better make reservations. Maybe the Razzoo’s at 635 and MacArthur in Irving?

I would be happy to host it at my place - I am a creole chef, after all - but if we do, could I politely request donations? I’d want to make seafood gumbo, and I’m-a tell you, mes amis, dat stuff ain’t cheap to make.

Let’s see how much interest there is… We haven’t gotten together in a while, don’t you folks love me anymore?


Everytime a DFW Dopefest rolls around, I can’t make it. I’d really love to, but I’m heading out to Edinburgh on the 22nd. Crappity crap crap!

I swear, I’m going to make it out to meet you guys before it’s all said and done. I gar-ruan-tee (in the spirit of the thread title).

Considering the crowds, it may be a good idea to have it at your place. I, for one, wouldn’t mind throwing in some cash to fund it. As for the date, I’m not picky. And before somebody makes a goat comment, the date I’m referring to is the date we’re having the Dopefest. :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe we could go the Tuesday before (Feb 20) and still call it Mardi Gras (if we eat enough, anyway)? That would avoid the crowds, and maybe allow Tommy to finally make it. Depends on how y’all feel about a weeknight gathering, I suppose.

If we get together at your place, Troy, I’ll kick in a donation. If we eat out, I think it’s my turn to catch the check.

Couldn’t we just call it my birthday party? Oh wait, I forgot I’m not celebrating my birthday anymore. NEVERMIND!

I’m good for any of the days mentioned. If Troy’s going to do the cooking, he shouldn’t have to do anything more than that. I’ll be happy to pitch in money for food, drinks, the stripper, whatever.

If we do as Balance suggests and hold it the previous Tuesday, it will have to be at a restaurant because I don’t think I can pull a party together that fast. I may need to special-order some things like hurricane mix from New Orleans.

Heck, if we have it at my place we can have it ON Mardi Gras (2/27). I was just suggesting the weekend before because some of us have to get up and work on Ash Wednesday. Which also argues in favor of doing Vendredi Gras (Friday), since Dimanche Gras celebrations run afoul of monday morning the next day.

(BTW, I haven’t mentioned Samedi Gras (saturday) because Mrs. Chef wouldn’t be able to make it unless we started partying in the mid-afternoon… she works saturday evenings now.)

pause Say, what about that? Any interest in kicking things off, say, around four p.m.? Then Andi can join us from 4 to 5 before she has to go back to work herding children. It would give more time to do stuff like watch “The Big Easy” and still knock back enough hurricanes to start blowing kisses at each other.

Okay, we have the following possibilities:

[ul][li]Mardi Gras Moins Sept (Tue., Feb. 20), evening, at a restaurant[/li][li]Vendredi Gras on Friday, Feb. 23, evening, my place or at a restaurant[/li][li]Samedi Gras on Saturday, Feb. 24, afternoon into evening, my place[/li][li]Dimanche Gras on Sunday, Feb. 25, evening, restaurant or my place[/li][li]Mardi Gras on Tuesday, Feb. 27, evening, my place[/ul][/li]
Frankly, if it’s going to be at my place AND on a weeknight I need to know right away because I need to request the day off so I’ll have time to cook and straighten up. Samedi Gras works best for me, but I hate to exclude Tommy.

Oh, and I plan to have mardi-gras beads to throw to the crowd, so all you women be sure to wear bras that hook in the front. wink

I really appreciate the sentiment, but don’t worry about me. I’ll make it. Besides, I’d hate to be to blame for any hurricane induced hangovers Wednesday at work. Plus I have read the thread detailing the last Dopefest that Cheffie cooked for, I wouldn’t want anyone to miss that.

[sub]I am pissed I’ll miss the whole bead thing, though[/sub]

those dates look fine to me, but i just started a job [ :smiley: ], so i need to find out my schedule… that will take awhile…

That should read that I’ll make it to the next one.

I’ll be out of town from the 15th to the 22nd.

Here’s an Austin Doper who’d like to make it up. I’d vote for Samedi Gras. That’d be the easiest for me. I’ll be happy to throw money at Cheffie for providing the food and meeting place. Just tell me how much and when to show up.

Welcome aboard, Freyr… the more the merrier. as long as I know about it. Any other Austin dopers you might entice into coming along?

How about some Houston dopers?

Everyone, suggested minimum donation size will depend on how many people are coming, but won’t be onerous… certainly no more than you’d expect to pay at a restaurant, and probably less. I’ll set a figure once I have an idea of the length of the guest list.

MAXIMUM donation size is limited only by your imagination, resources, and desire to impress the cute unattached people at the party. I recommend hauling out a huge roll of hundreds and peeling off several, then ostentatiously tossing them at me. I won’t mind kneeling to pick them up.

I would personally prefer Vendredi Gras or Samedi Gras, but I’m pretty flexible. Mardis Gras would definitely be out for me, though.

Well, you didn’t say anything about the San Antonians in the group, but I’m not sure we will have the funds right now. Considering that Mr Bear is home sans job at the moment. I’ll try to convince him, though. :slight_smile:

As for the requisite front-hook bra: no comment. :stuck_out_tongue:

<Yes, I am feeling a bit more my usual self, thank you.>

I am watching…the 23rd is my BD, so it wil depend on what is planned around that as to whether I will be there or not.

Count me in. I don’t know of anything right now that would keep me away on any of the dates. I’ll be glad to contribute, Troy, if you end up having it at your place.


Tuesday’s are out completely (class); unfortunately that weekend I may or may not feel well enough to come :frowning: so put me down for a maybe. I wanna see everyone again!

Zyada, shouldn’t you wait until closer to the party before planning to be sick?

purplebear, we would never turn you guys away for lack of funds… unless you mean funds to get you here.

Let’s make that clear for everyone: I’m not charging admission, you don’t have to pay to come. I just could use some help defraying expenses. When I had everyone over for jambalaya and crawfish pie, I spent about $150 on the evening not counting beer… with seafood gumbo on the menu, the tab is likely to be more that.

Okay, unless anyone has a strenuous objection, let’s proceed with Samedi Gras preparations. We’re looking at a start time of 3:30 or 4:00 p.m., Saturday the 24th, and no official end time (you guys are welcome to let the good times roll until my next-door neighbor the cop comes to shut us down.) I will supply food, beer, hurricanes, and a king cake; if you have a favorite wine you are urged to bring some of it.

I’m drafting JimB to send out invitations, since he did such a great job last time and has the email list and all. In return I promise not to try to kiss him after everyone is drunk. I think that’s a deal you can live with, isn’t it Jim? grin

Oh, and one more thing. No recreational chemistry until AFTER Chef Jr. goes to bed, okay?

bumpity bump… get on the stick y’all… I need endless validation.

Chef, I knew that someone would pick up on my statement. Let’s just say that the reason I think I won’t feel well comes under the heading of TMI. Of course, if you insist, I can explain it to you in excruciating and graphic detail. :eek:

I really do want to come, I just can’t commit to it.