DFW dopers, we need to schedule some events.

Chef Troy is having a birthday (we all do, I don’t what the big deal is). I guess we’ve put off doing something for his birthday long enough. He talked about a chinese dinner at Bobo’s China restuarant near his house and a movie at his place afterwards.

I think he said June 1st. Grace wants to have it on June 6th cause her hubby’s out of town and she can party! Now, do we go with birthday boy or Grace?

Also, if you check out this thread, you’ll find that I have a fellow doper coming to town and she wants to meet with y’all. I’ve told her that y’all lie and I didn’t do any of that stuff. And that y’all are a bunch of holigans and she probably wouldn’t like y’all. Didn’t work she still want to meet you.

Anyway, The dates on that will be somewhere in the first week of July. Maybe Friday the 6th, I’m not sure yet. Make suggestions on this one. Just the more that can come, the better.

Let’s get some places and dates and times and I’ll send around the invites to anyone that doesn’t see it here.


Either weekend works for me, however I’m much better for Saturdays than weekdays. I guess that means a vote from me for June 2nd or 9th. When is your friend coming to meet you?

Pay attention, girl. runadoc is supposed to be coming to town the first week of July. I’m thinking that the only weekend date available is Friday, July 6th. Let’s work with that date.


Count me in. I’ve got to fill her in on all the juicy stuff I know about you. I think we even have pictures. :slight_smile:

Jeez, Jim, it’s going to be awkward when the waitresses fall all over you like they always do if you have runadoc by your side. maybe you can do a little ventrilocharisma and trick them into draping themselves over Aglarond instead.

I’ll give it a try, Chef. I don’t think Ag will mind. But, I don’t think Ag can pull it off though.

You have to look like some old guy that will tip like crazy to have any cute young thing hang on them. You don’t have to actually tip that well, but you have to have the look.

Ag, drools over them too much, they know what he wants.


If you guys want to try this, I guess I’ll go along. You know, in the name of science and all. Name a date, and I can probably be there. I have no life.

OK, this thread is just limping along - barely! If Chef Troy wants to have a birthday dinner, we should take him out to eat so he doesn’t have to do the dishes.

… or is this thread just “events in general” and Troy’s birthday happens to be a good excuse for one?

Take off every .sig for great justice!!

JimB - that’s what happens when I post on drugs!

So, here’s what we have:

Chef Troy’s b-day
June 1 (Friday),
June 2 (Saturday) or
June 6 (Wednesday)

Runadoc’s invasion of Dallas:
July 6 (Friday)
July 7 (Saturday) or possibly
July 4 (Holiday!)

I’ve been tossing around the idea of a potluck picnic sometime this summer - if no one is going out of town for the holiday or already has plans, maybe we could pick a good place for a firework display and have a picnic? (Actually, we could probably do it at my place - we can see the Bedford fireworks if we just walk up the hill half a block!) JimB, tell me what you think about this, since it’s your guest.

All - please let me know if you can or more importantly can’t make a date - if you leave it up to me, I’m going to choose June 2nd and July 4th! I especially want to hear from Cheffie for his b-day.

JimB - I’ll handle Chef Troy’s b-day if you want me to, send me the current list of local dopers!

Well shit.

I’m gonna be in New Mexico for all on June so I can’t make it :frowning:


So, I kinda made this thread with no clear purpose and let wander off and then didn’t keep it going. That doesn’t mean I was on drugs.

Besides, at least, I put it out here. Otherwise, Chef could have been setting over at Bobo’s China by himself wondering why we didn’t like him. Now, he doesn’t have to wonder.

…Wait, I don’t think that came out quite right.

Let me get back to you about the 4th of July. I was kinda afraid to pick that day because it might interfere with too many people’s plans.

I’ll send you over my list this evening.


I’ll go with whatever everyone else decides.

I’m not on much, nad have been pretty busy, but keep me posted.

Unless Palmyra wants to take me with her to Mexico :), I guess that any day is fine.

What are you going to do for a full month in Mexico anyway?

New Mexico not Mexico, Adam. Mexico would be fun. New Mexico…uhhhh, probably isn’t.

Women?? They are good on details but sometimes the baiscs fly by without slowing down.

An email exchange between Zyada & I about an outdoor cookout at her place on the 4th of July:

Me: Is the pool functioning? So, we are talking about 6 o’clock, bring steaks or burgers or whatever we want plus a dish. Then fireworks at 9 or so. Right??
Zy: The pool is functioning. The times sound good. I don’t have an outdoor grill.
Me: How do we have an outdoor cookout without a grill? What are we going to eat?
Zy: Uhh, I’ll get back to you on that.

But otherwise, I think all we need now as far as Chef’s birthday is for him to show up an confirm the date, time & place.

Then, Zy can send out the invites.


All we have to do is find someone with a truck (Meephead? anyone else?) and have them put a grill in the back and bring it over. My dad’s grill has been back and forth from his house to my sister’s house more times than I can count. Of course that was before they built a permanent super-duper grill that’ll hold 24 whole chickens.

Note: The reason why I didn’t volunteer for an outdoor cookout is

  1. I ain’t gonna do the grilling
  2. The grill that the house came with looks a little iffy.
  3. Hi Opal! Wanna join us?

If someone wants to volunteer to do the grilling, I’ll get the hamburger meat and hot dogs. But either Jim needs to come by and look at the grill or someone needs to volunteer to bring a grill.

Or we can do sandwiches, or any other picnic-y food you can think of.

Other than that, I will want to do potluck for drinks and fixins, so we need feedback on this to get this rolling.

BTW, I’ve sent out an email to local dopers to confirm your email addy - check your email! If you haven’t gotten one, email me from your desired email. And put your alias in the email somewhere if it’s not obvious, 'k?

Bobo’s is EXCELLENT, some of the best Chinese food I’ve had. My wife introduced me to that restaurant, her office insures them. She’s certain they are going to burn down one day. 8^)

We have a grill/smoker, if it goes that route.

My actual birthday is Friday, June 1st, but I think my family has dibs on that night. So how about Saturday, June 2nd? We can meet at Bobo China (10630 Church Road, Dallas, TX 75238; (214) 349-2411) for dinner, 6:30 or 7:00, and then come back to my place. Y’all can check out our fabulous new cedar deck; then we can go back into the air-conditioning and drink, everyone can shower me with presents as I insincerely tell you that you shouldn’t have (just kidding - wink) and we can watch a DVD and make MST3K-style comments at the action on-screen.