DFW Dopers: My Birthday is Next Week

Joyously celebrating with the lot of you wonderful people seems to me like the Very Best Way to celebrate said event.

Could we do a get-together somewhere? A local bar, some other place, I don’t care.

I can’t do it at my home; I have a deadline on a project so I haven’t time to clean up properly.

And I hate greedy people who just want more presents, so I’m declaring that anyone who shows up gave me one already - their company while we celebrate together, okay?

So, I guess you are saying that you really don’t want any fishing lures to use for earrings.

Jim (count me in)

I’m in! Where, when? It’s your party, go for it!

Bumpity bump!!

Oooh! I love parties. Hi, Zia! When is the happy day? And when did you have in mind? If I can come up, I will.

Karyn, tickled purple at the idea of a party…

Oh, wait… I am purple… :smack: :stuck_out_tongue:


Count me in. I don’t have any plans except for Wednesday evening. Other than that, I’m all yours.

Youse guys want to have it at my place? I haven’t hosted in a while.

Or would you prefer someplace public and more centrally located? I won’t be offended if you do.

Either way, I’m in.

Cheffie, I was thinking Jack Astor’s Restaurant and Bar, just because my place is not, umhm, presentable, and I didn’t want to put anyone else out.

However, since you’ve kindly offered - and we have more than four people, now, can we all meet you at your place Friday evening? Just let me know when you want arrivals and departures…

(and when you want to hear just what a great friend you are to volunteer your place for my birthday bash. :cool: )

So what do the guests want of these ideas:

  1. Twister, anyone?
  2. Other games as funny as possible - Pictionary while slightly intoxicated is a personal favorite for Yours Truly.
  3. We can play Refridgerator Rumble challenge - a twist on Iron Cheffian idea. Everyone brings 3 things from their fridge, and we try to cook something edible as a result.

What say you, gracious host-type, Chefly One?

Can we give me until 7:30 to get home and get ready for guests? I’ll have to think about what I can make ahead for dinner… hmmmmm. Too bad it’s too hot for chili.

As for departures, I’m not in any hurry to throw people out - in fact since Mrs. Chef won’t be home until sometime between 9:30 and 10:00, I’d hope the party will still be going strong by then so she can enjoy herself some. (That’ll allow several hours for Doper wimmens to ask for directions to the powder room, only to drag me into my darkened office for some clandestine smooching.) :wink:

Drunken Pictionary sounds fun - we also have Trivial Pursuit and a couple of other games.

How are we getting the word out about this?

I heard about this new thing somewhere, not sure where, I think they’re calling it the enter-net?(sounds kind of spooky to me, don’t like walking into nets) Something like that. Anyway, it’s a place that everyday people can go and read and even write stuff and they don’t have to pay publishers or anything to get their stuff in a place lots of people can access it. It’s kind of like a library, you can go there and look up what you want, then open it up and read it. Only the stuff on the shelves isn’t always written by some professional writer, regular people can write stuff for this “enter-net” thing, and regular people can read it. Not sure why anyone would want to, hell half the people I know can’t even talk good, let alone rite well.

Still, as a means of communicating party times and dates, maybe we could look into it? Probably less of a pain in the neck than stamps.


Yeah, take that, Troy.

Btw, Steven, I have your ice cream maker. If this enter-net thing actually works, e-mail me about when would be a good time to drop it off at your house.


ahem Perhaps when you know the details you could spell them out and tell your friendly DFW Adams Family board moderatore? Then said moderator can put it on the main page of the board, eh?

Sounds like she’s been around a Canadian or something.


Awright, smartass, just for that… NO CAKE FOR YOU!

I MEANT, is Zyada sending out an e-mail, or is Jim, or alternatively are we posting it on the dusty, mildewed DFW forum where nobody ever goes?


Eh, I’ll send out a email and put it on the “dusty, mildewed forum” Harumph.

I was trying to get out of writing it up. :batting eyelashes: You’re so good at writing Cheffie

Is this some new Texas slang you’ve picked up somewhere?

Oh for cryin’ out loud, I’m HOSTING this party. While I’m delighted to do so, and volunteered for the privelige, it IS going to be a lot of work; surely someone ELSE can write the invitation.

ok, so when is this?

I read that as “DWF” and figured, “A party full of divorced white females? Sign me up!” Then I read it again. Too far to travel, but too far to send an early “Happy Bidet!”