DFW Dopers - rjk's coming...

to visit me for my birthday the first weekend in May. Would y’all like to get together May 5th for a party?

Mrs. Chef won’t be able to make it - she works every Saturday - but I’m in!

Wheeeeee, no dishes to wash!

A birthday on Cinco de Mayo. I guess that means we’re having mexican food eh? Count me in! Count me in even if we don’t do mexican.

Sounds great to me. I’ll be there.


My birthday is really on the sixth, but since that’s Sunday and my family’s regular get-together day, we’re eating supper with Mom that day.

Dad always said this set the stage for my life - since being late for Cinco De Mayo, I’ve been late for everything since then!

Mexican Food sounds good. We could descend upon the Ditch again.

Balance? Aglarond? Palmyra? Meephead? Bdgr?

Ag - if you can’t have Mexican food (what you don’t want jalapenos?) if there is something you can have, tell me and we’ll plan accordingly.

Now this is ironic, I would have to go to Dallas in order to meet rjk, when I can see his mom’s house from the back door of my apartment building. :wink:


The 5th looks good for me. I just need to find out when my exams are. As much as I enjoy hanging ou with you guys, and meeting new Dopers, I’m not gonna sacrifice my grades for ya. :slight_smile:

I’ll be there!

(And Odieman, wave at Mom for me!)

Hey Odie - it’s probably easier to get to Dallas than Vancouver from Weyburn. :wink:

Palmyra - I hope you can come, but school is definitely more important.

Mexican on May 5[sup]th[/sup] sounds good to me.

JimB, could you do me a big favor and send out invites? We’re still missing some of the gang.

[sub]This means you, psieker![/sub]

Ok, Z, check your email. If you approve, I send them out.


So is it safe to assume that we’re meeting at El Arroyo on May 5th? Do we know what time? Is this an afternoon thing and going until El Arroyo staff kicks us out. Or, is this an evening thing and continues until the last person passes out?

Zyada says “Sorry for not posting!”

She’s busy.

No, don’t ask! :wink:

(This post reviewed and approved by herself.)

Well, rjk, based on this post

It is sorta hard to guess why she is so busy.

BTW, Happy Birthday,

Very much tentative; I’ll just have to watch the schedule as it gets closer (lots happening at work). But I’d like to if I can.

Post details about time and place.



Okay, if we’ve all agreed on the 5th of May, I have an exam till 6pm. Does anyone violently object to 7pm?? I can always just show up late if y’all want to start earlier.

Palmyra - I was thinking about 7 P.M anyway, so we’ll set it at that!

beatle - here is a map The general area is just off of Central Expressway (75) which goes north from Downtown Dallas.

Sounds cool to me. I’ll try to make it.