Ah-Yee! DFW Dopers - wanna laissez les bon temps rouler?

Z, I read that and was afraid I knew exactly what you meant.

Troy, that’s a good deal, I’ll get on the invites real soon. You know I hate it when you get all mushy.


Oh. OH. OHHHHHHH. Never mind.

Chef, may I do a slight hi-jack on this thread so I don’t waste bandwidth starting another for a silly reason ?
No ? Too bad, I’ve always told you I’m a bitch. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmmmm, the LIONsob has some vaqcation time left over from last year, and we were discussing using that time to try to meet with some of the DFW Dopers. I think I’ll point this thread out to him.

So any DFW dopers want to meet Ayesha and her LIONsob ? If I get enough yes votes we will be there !

I want to meet Ayesha and her LIONsob.


[sub](Think that did it, or should I add a few more? yes, yes, yes)[/sub]


At least JimB loves me !

veni, veni, venias, dear heart. I have ALWAYS wanted to meet the two of you.

Supply Update: I have located a source for Hurricane mix online. They sell it by the liter, and a liter makes 8 hurricanes. how many liters do you guys think I should order? (if you never had one, hurricanes are wicked rum drinks that are fruity and delicious.)

Samedi works for me. As for the Hurricanes… I love rum, but I don’t think being drunk around you guys would help my image any :slight_smile: [who knows what I might say then?]

Chef dearest, you have email.

The LIONsob loves rum drinks. I’ll bring a couple of bottles of zenfandel if that’s ok. I like it.

Ah, c’mon! How can it get you in any more trouble than what you say when you’re sober? :smiley:

Cheffie, I’ll be there, but you don’t need to lay in Hurricane supplies for me–rum and I don’t get along very well. I’ll just bring some of my muscadine wine.

Ayesha, I’d very much like to meet the two of you–the more Dopers, the better. (Somehow, that still just doesn’t sound right.)

That’s fine, Balance. Ayesha’s bringing wine too, and I’ll bet so will Zyada. I’ll make room in the fridge.

Hey Jim, how are those invites coming? I need a head count pretty soon so I can start ordering supplies.

Mrs. Chef has asked that we start a little earlier, so she can enjoy a little more of the party. So the official start time is now three o’clock p.m.

Somebody be sure and tell Adam Yax.

3:00 PM, Check.

What date?

Adam, Saturday, the 24th. (don’t ask ‘which month?’)

Troy, the invitation is in your mailbox, awaiting your approval.

BTW, I’ll have a couple of Hurricanes.


That day is good for me.

I’ll definitely be there. As to whether or not I can sample the cuisine; that will be determined Friday. I’ve got this weird stomach problem and am going in for an upper GI. They’ll let me know then what I can eat. For now, I’m on an ulcer diet.

No problem, Aglarond. Lynn Bodoni asked me to grill her a chicken breast for the last party because she can’t stomach spicy food; I’ll be happy to do the same for you - just let me know if I need to.

Assuming that I’ll be allowed back into the country, I’d be happy to come. I don’t foresee any problems, but my lawyer told me that they could prevent me from returning to the States for 2 months. If I do come, I’ll happily contribute to the party fund and bring either beer or rum (your call chef).

One last thing, I’ll need directions.

Adam, turn left at the light, then take the 3rd right, then the 1st left. It’s around the bend. You can’t miss it, it’s right next to someone else’s house.


A couple of people have asked me what my suggested minimum donation is going to be for this party. I gave a figure to Ayesha, but the whole idea of setting an amount is making me feel a little weird. So instead, here’s what I’m officially going to say.

It looks like I’m going to be paying out somewhere in the neighborhood of $250 for this party. That includes food, party supplies such as masks and mardi gras beads, rum and hurricane mix, and incidentals like disposable dishes and cutlery. I’m not going to set a minimum donation because I know some of you don’t have a lot of cash to spare and I want you ALL to come. So those of you who are moved to help me shoulder the cost of the party, bless you. Give whatever you think is appropriate. I’ll cover whatever expenses are left over.

(Oh, and in the event that donations EXCEED the cost of the party, I pledge not to embezzle the overage. I’ll either return it or apply it to the NEXT party. Okay?)

Adam, e-mail me with a starting point and I’ll give you directions - and if you want to bring booze, great! I will have the rum supply covered, but bring whatever else makes your gator greater!