DFW Dopers - we missed Mardi Gras! Wanna do something this weekend?

We didn’t really have a Mardi Gras party this year, do y’all want to get together for supper Saturday night?

If Chef Troy doesn’t want to come or bring a King’s Cake, I’m sure I could find one (or maybe even make one!)

Was Cheffie the one who got the King’s Cake last year. I’m free this weekend if we decide to do something.

Cheffie got it last year. And he and Mrs. Chef had Sous Chef this year.

Behold the power of the golden baby king! (Not that is causes fertility - I didn’t get pregnant the year I got the baby. I just got a kick-ass job)

I’m free, too, as usual.

We’re booked solid this weekend(Saturday we’ve got a B-Day party for our eldest, Sunday we’ve got something in the morning, then we’re hosting a PartyLite show in the evening). Have some fun for us :slight_smile:


I’m afraid Mrs. Chef and I will be out of town, on our way to Missouri to give her family a chance to slobber on Lil’ Miss Sous-Chef.

However, I’ll be happy to spring for a king cake if someone else can deliver it to the group.

I’m going to Arkansas with Kelliebeans and we’re going to jump out of a plane.

She better earn some beads tonight, though!


PETE! No need to do that! We’d let you back into Texas afterwards.(well, maybe a stay in decon would be appropriate) It’s not like you’re FROM Arkansas. You were just visiting right?


I doubt that I can make it this weekend, I’m having a visit with my girlfriend’s family on Saturday :stuck_out_tongue:

Good times to all.


I’ve been invited out to Houston this weekend. Have fun for me!

Too bad I have to go to this rotten Chocolate Decadence Party, instead…

Rotten chocolate? Ewww… :wink:

So it’s looking suspiciously like it’s going to be a threesome with Jim, Grace and me. Poor Jim! :smiley:

ALL right!!

Saturday is our volunteer night.

Wheb the weather gets warmer, I welcome y’all to our house again, for a Bar B Q.

Do y’all want to come over to the apartment for dinner? We can order in or I can make something. Or, would you prefer to go out?

BTW, I have Zyada’s candle stuff.

Bumpity bump bump

I was thinking of making a ham, mashed potatoes, green beans, and rolls.

Can we start this threesome after dark? The weather is suppose to be great tomorrow.

Sounds good. Did you get a kings cake from Cheffie, or should I finagle one, somehow?

That’s fine with me. I didn’t get a kings cake so I’ll leave that to y’all

We’re now up to five people (Lord Jim, Zyada, Ziactrice, Aglarond, and me). If anyone else wants to join us, just email me and I’ll send you directions to my house.