The DFW Dopefest?

The was a Doper meeting schedule for the weekend after the board went down.

I WAS planning on going, but… I figured I would get the directions out right before the event. Of course, when the board went down that was impossible. So, I missed it.

With the board down, did the get together even happen? If so, was it good?

If it didn’t happen, is there gonna be another one scheduled here soon to replace it?

The lovely Grace started a board for the D/FW dopers to communicate during the Great Darkness. It can be found at

Thank you, Grace

So, appearently the meeting went ahead and I missed it again.

I guess I just have to organize another one myself, just so I can attend one.

I think Ziactrice is planning to have a housewarming party sometime in the relatively near future.

I was thinking of gauging interest in an Oscar party the night of the 24th, but my son’s birthday party is that weekend and I don’t know if I want to host two parties full of noisy children in two days. wink

Don’t let that stop you from hosting a party, though. The DFW Adam’s Family (we don’t usually call ourselves Dopers) will show up for the opening of a bag of potato chips.

yes, I hear the next one is in Fort Worth?

(hint hint)

Well, if I organize it, it will be in Grand Prairie or Arlington probably.

Grand Prairie or Arlington would be great for me! The only thing to remember on a restaurant is for it to be quiet enough to hear.

Anyone want to do a “Yay the boards are back!” party?

That sounds pretty good to me.

Yes, I still am planning on it. I just want to get everything moved (still finishing up on ‘light stuff’), and SOME of the boxes put away first. Oh, and a grill bought - I have a backyard that simply cries out for a nice barbeque get-together. The fellow I bought the house from left me two picnic tables, too.

So, what is a good weekend toward the end of March, for everyone? I also need to get my TV Dish working again, pre-party, or at least get the DVD and home theatre up.

Although the house is big enough to grill indoors if it rains. (In the fireplace, of course!) Last night, I struggled for two hours to get my washing machine hooked up (result, I must call a plumber to replace the bad valves, ugh), and then it took only 15 minutes to get my computer working. I guess we know what I’ve got more practice putting together. :wink:

Let’s plan one. I’m almost always available so we just let me know when and where and I’ll be there.

BTW, we had a great time at the dopefest. You’ll have to check out Balance’s notes from the party. Lord Jim (is he back to JimB?) has the pictures on his website.

Nope, Grace, I’m still Lord Jim. The title is permanent. The taking over the world is in a stall at the moment, I’ll get back to that soon. There is a new person with the name “Jim B.”, so don’t get confused.

Lord Jim, the real JimB

Setting up that kind of stuff is my specialty. Though, by the computer set up time, you can probably handle this stuff just fine anyway. Anyway, if you want/need a hand… its offered.

Personally, I spend most of my time here in Great Debates and General Questions. Not so much in MPSIMS.

How many of the people who attend these things are regulars to those forums? Just curious.

Um, well, I got the computer set up by myself, but if you’re willing to help with the TV and home theatre I’d really appreciate it. I’m having enough troubles with plumbing and phones I wouldn’t mind a hand - especially since adjusting the satellite fairly well requires two people. (One to tweak where the dish points and the other inside watching how strong the signal is.)

Plus, I don’t like climbing on a ladder (to hang speakers) with no one else around. I’ve never fallen …yet, but.

Tell me what a suitable bribe (or lure) is, by way of food and/or drink, and when it would be convenient for you. I’d feel better about setting up a housewarming party if I knew that things were mostly working and ready around here.

I dont’ think a bribe will be necessary. My email is in my profile. Use it, and I am sure we can get something going pretty quick. I just set up DirectTV at my house 2 weeks ago, so I am pretty familiar with the two person requirement. :smiley:

The boardless 'Fest in February was fun. I might be able to make it back to D/FW for another one.

Hey, Zia, I thought you were going to let us know when we should come by and help you move in. Grace and I both volunteered. Anywho, when and how can I help? (Beer’s always a good bribe for me)


Not to be too altruistic… I am usually pretty good at drinking a beer if it just happens to be around.

I have beer, at least, I have five bottles of a “Dark Amber” something or other. I am VERY willing to go buy a couple 6-packs of anything y’all will drink. (As long as you drink or take it with you; I can’t drink beer!)

And it is not too late to help out on the move! I still have about 11 comic book boxes, some plants, and perhaps 3-4 boxes of kitchen stuff to box and move. Can you guys make it clear over here on a weekday night, or do you want to finish it off this Saturday?

Besides, you’re welcome to drop in and visit me just to see the new place. That goes for everyone. Drop me an email, I’ll give you the address and my cell since my phone at home still isn’t working. It’d be nice to have company.


Zia, how about Saturday? I could probably come over tomorrow, but I talk with Grace and she said she might could make it Saturday, also. How does that sound?

Email me since your email isn’t available.