Dare we devise a Dallas Doper debauch?

Fresh from the pleasures of HouDope6, I would like to attempt another Dallas/Fort Worth get-together.

Beatle said he would try to come up if it was on a Saturday. Sealemon said he’d come up for dancing on Sunday.

Saturdays are best for me, except for the 19th.

After the last two parties, I’d like to be somewhere quiet so I can hear all the jokes and gossip. A nice, not very busy restaurant would let us eat, but a bar will be open later. I’m thinking a bar in a hotel would be probably be nearly empty, so we could take the place over for the evening.

Lots of hotels in the Grapevine area - I could check them out if that would be convenient for everyone else. Or I’m open to other suggestions.

Any ideas?

…in a state so nonintuitive it can only be called weird…

I’m in, subject to Mrs. Chef dropping my handcuff keys so I can sneak out past the sentries.

But I won’t host this time…it was too much pressure and I think people are still mad at me for acting pissy to the people who didn’t show. grin Glad to hand the tiara to you, Zyada.

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Da Chef

Hmmm, can we make it a meeting in Austin ?
So that the HouDope crew can join in ?
That way no one has a super long drive.


Yay! Yahoo! Yippee! The Dopers are finally meeting in Dallas! I can come! Huh? Oh, that Dallas. Sniff :frowning:

Stuck in Dallas OREGON,

“I hope life isn’t a big joke, because I don’t get it,” Jack Handy

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How about that Marriot(I think) out near the airport, the one that had the explosion just after it opened…

If I was discussing Lucy Lawless but I wrote Lucy Topless, would that be a Freudian typo?

Austin’s a much better idea!! It’s only a 2 hour drive compared to the 6 hours it takes to get to Dallas.

< Checking the calander >

Feb 26th and March 11th both look good right now.

You say “cheesy” like that’s a BAD thing.

I was going to suggest the Grapevine/Bass Pro Marriot too. They’re supposed to have a really neat sports bar in there.

Besides, it’s right there at the Mills for all your overpriced shopping needs, and relatively convenient for a lot of the old Dopers from the AOL board.

I just haven’t been the same since that house fell on my sister.

Well I’m fairly new to the board but if you have a Dallas thing, I’d like to attend. I’m in Frisco but I can drive out to the hotel over in Grapevine.

“Nostalgia isn’t what it used to be.”

Say hello to all the big-breasted women wearing ribbed turtlenecks for me, Chef!


All I can say is if we’re changing the venue to Austin, I need LOTS of notice. I would prefer to hold the Dallas get-together somewhere in the general vicinity of DALLAS, but hey…I’m not the host. grin

And why make it easier for those Houston hoodlums anyway? they get together all the time. Let 'em work at it a little bit for once, says I. another grin

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Da Chef

What makes you think they’re wearing those turtlenecks for YOU, Jab?

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Da Chef

I’d like to nominate “The Houston Hoodlums” as the new title for the Houston gang. Thanks, Chef! I guess Dallasians are good for something after all!

Austin is of course more conveniant for me, too, but I can swing Dallas with enough notice.

You say “cheesy” like that’s a BAD thing.

That’s Dallasites, you whippersnapper.

Anyways, Sealemon’s dates work for me, too. I’ll even try to drag my brother, the lurker, along.

Sealemon, I second the name change !

And I can try for March 11th, it gives me more time to make arrangements. Is there a hotel in Dallas where you can get a room without any pants on, uh I mean with a credit card ? Lion doesn’t allow me to play with plastic.

Oh and Chef we do work hard at our HouDope meetings. It’s not easy to get that drunk !


without a credit card darn it.

I swear Ayesha, if you don’t stop giving me these straight lines…

Just give me more info as the day approaches. I’ll need at least one Dallasite’s pager/phone number, so we can arange the meeting. Keep in mind that I haven’t been to Dallas in over ten years.

You say “cheesy” like that’s a BAD thing.

As long as it isn’t my weekend to have my kid, and y’all decide to have it in the Dallas area (can’t drive to Austin) I will be there.

Dallasite is indeed the preferred nomenclature. It’s based on people from Paris being called parasites (clearly a misspelling on the part of some long-ago clerk…or maybe not).

Most hotels will let you book a room without a credit card, but usually you must put down a cash deposit (an attitude I find insufferable).

March 11 is fine with me. Zyada, just let me know which hotel you decide on. I really don’t think I could make it to Austin; with Mrs. Chef working in retail, she almost never has Saturday AND Sunday off, and I sincerely doubt she would let me go alone grin not that she doesn’t trust me, she just seems to think that if I have any fun that doesn’t involve her I might start wondering if she’s necessary.

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Da Chef

What’s the deal with pushing Austin? This thread was started as a Dallas meeting, not a Texas meeting. Although I’m sure the Dallas folk won’t mind anyone else showing up, it’s only polite not to hijack their thread.

If you want an Austin meeting, post a suggestion for an Austin meeting in a new thread. Let the Dallas folks plan a Dallas meeting.

Not to be pissy or anything, but it just seems rude to come in to Zyada’s Dallas thread and start telling them to move it to Austin to make us happy. So we have a 2 hr drive instead of a 5 hr one. And how much does that add to Dallasites’ drive? 5 hrs?