(Central?) Texas Dopefest!

I think the title should speak for itself. I haven’t seen any advertised Texas Dopefests recently, and I think it’s about time for one.

Any other Dopers in Texas feel like gettin’ together for a Dopefest?

I’m going to UT, but can pretty easily drive to Dallas or Houston or what have you. Maybe we can all converge upon Austin and get some drinkin’ and eatin’ done at Shady Grove? (They have some really great and wickedly potent mixed drink as their house special).

Anyways, what say ye?

I live in DFW and my parents live in Austin so I’m good to go if you choose one of those locations.

I say we have it in Abilene!


…lots of room!

I’ll be in San Antonio from May 7 through the 26th. I won’t have a car of my own, but I’ll most likely have access to one of my parents’.


<monty burns> Eggggggsalad </mb>

I believe that my courses should be finished May 6th, so shall we look at mid May as a good time to meet up?

I’m also partial to Austin, as it’s a very funky city and I wouldn’t have to drive much. Would that be agreeable to folks?

Count me in!

Gunslinger and I live about 45 minutes north of Dallas and thus DFW is as far as we can go (Austin’d be great, but we’d need to take time off work which we can’t do).

Close enough to Dallas to attend. Unfortunately, anything further would require $400 in gas per mile.

What if it was on a weekend? I’ve got a couch and some space on my floor if people need somewhere to crash.

Faithfool: What if you could catch a ride down to Austin with another DFW Doper?

Oh, and, just to make it clear I’m perfectly willing to go to DFW if that’s what the group decides on.

$400 per mile?

Man. I thought MY truck got shitty mileage.

Slightly west of DFW here (if old dopers are on the guest list).

Ah Finn, that sounds lovely and would probably work. However, I’m not sure I could swing enough time off work even if I had plenty of advance notice. :frowning: But no matter what, as soon as a date has been established, I’ll do my best.

By the way pullin, that’s why it’s always good to car-pool. :smiley:

::: kicks vBulletin :::

I HATE a quick reply box without a PREVIEW!!!

Sounds good to me, now that I’m here in DFW. Zyada and I would probably be able to travel if it’s on a weekend.

(And I didn’t preview either! So there!)

(posts with fingers crossed…)

Shall we say, maybe, May 14th in either Austin or DFW?

OK for me. I’ll be finished with class by then.

It’s a safe weekend too (Mother’s day is the previous w/e).

I’d prefer the 14th in Austin. As much as I’d love to see my brother and his wife in McKinney, I can’t justify taking my mom’s car overnight.


I have weekends off, but Gunslinger works on Saturdays (and if he asks for Saturday off, he has to work Sunday).

Hey, MsRobyn…you used to live here in Abilene, dintja? I was looking through old threads and was surprised to see that you were once on the jury panel of a lawyer colleague of mine in his felony marijuana trial (a guy with the same name as a famous indian chief, hint hint). I also read how you despised living here, not that I’m blaming you. :slight_smile:

So am I to understand that DFW would be best for some folks? Could we maybe get a vote on this? DFW vs. da ATX?