Fiesta Dopefest?

With all of these dopefest threads popping up, I’m wondering if there are enough SA/Austin/Hill Country dopers out there to make it worth our while to get together, grab a few beers, some margaritas and hang out?
After all, Fiesta is starting/did start and that battle of the flowers is next week.

Dunno, any interest?

Sounds great except I’m 10 hours from Austin.

Can we meet in Louisiana?

Oh Fiesta is in San Antonio.
mmm Louisiana… It’d be fun to head out there again.

You know, Ringo & Porcupine had a good time in New Orleans last year. Maybe they’d be up for it again this year.

Discuss. More details needed. Houston is gathering the weekend of May 3rd and Chicago is gathering the weekend of May 10th.

CR it sounds like you should go to Houston on May 3rd and I will just wait for the next BamaDope.

The ironic thing is that suddenly the weekend I was kinda aiming got filled up 50 hrs after starting this post.

What is it with me and dope fests? the second I try to plan for one, POOF the days it is suddenly gets filled with something.

It’s not like I don’t do ANYTHING AT ALL the rest of the time.