D is for Dopefest--or the Detroit Breakdown

A year ago I moved to downtown Detroit. Now I’m ready for a fest. Who is with me?

My place is smaller than the one I had last time I hosted a dopefest, but the scenery is probably more interesting (M is for Milan; and Meh).

Let’s figure out a date and get to festing.

Least Original User Name Ever is out of the state until November, but I’d be up for it.

I’ll be in San Francisco for the first half of Sept. Dates are still being batted around like a bunch of 12 year olds hitting a piñata.

But I’m so there.

Do we have the technology to bring LOUNE up as a hologram. Like the Emperor in StarWars, except far nerdier.

Hey G, where in Detroit are you?

Bump it!

Late December? flutters eyelashes I’lllllllll be home for Chriiiiiistmas…

Seriously, if I don’t get my annual Dose of Detroit Dopefest I’ll shrivel up and die. Have your Fall Fling without me if you must, but don’t forget about me in December.

I’m in

I’m interested. I work alternating weekends, but if it falls right for me I’m in.

Hmm, Detroit is right up my alley. Sounds intriguing…

If you like loud, obnoxious laughter where nothing’s sacred (except my tiny penis! No one is to make fun of my tiny penis!) good food, good beer, and seek to destroy each other through the dark arts of board games, then you should be intrigued.

Not only that, but we spend an hour talking shit about the mods and admins. I’ve seen a grown man break down into cathartic tears. Colors start to look brighter. Kittens and bunnies spontaneously appear out of thin air.

But we can’t do that this time, G’ll be there. So we’re going to enact the Pit in real life, tape it, and post it on YouTube.

No worries, Olives, a Very Straight Dope Christmas is always a sure ting.

Don’t forget the bacon salt.

This is the first time in my life I’ve ever thought, “Man, I wish I lived in Detroit!”

All the way downtown. Woodward and Grand River.

So are we talking the second half of September?

Mmm. I live within driving distance and have never been to a dopefest. I could be into that.

Second half of September would be fine for me. I work on September 15th but am free any other weekend.

er, why?

I actually might be moving that way for a few months, so put me down for a definite maybe!


Free bullets!