Would you ever go to a Dope Fest

I’ve never been. The one time I could have gone (while I was in the NJ/NY area), I chickened out. But I think I’d like to go to one, one day.

I have gathered with online message board buddies before. Actually, I’ve met with two separate groups. The boards are now defunct, but I had some good memories from those places. But one thing that happened was that my postings dropped off after I had met everyone.

I think one reason this happened was because I couldn’t get the people’s faces out of my head. You know how like you’ll read a book and imagine what the characters look like? And then you see the movie and suddenly whenever you think of the character, you think of Gary Sinese or Meryl Streep, not the original image you’d picked out for them? And it’s just not as fun anymore? Well, I think that’s what happened to me. Suddenly I had faces to go with the usernames and it took away the allure.

Also, I think posters started treating me differently too. Before the face-to-face, no one really knew how young I was, but when they meet me they started addressing me in a…I dunno…cutesy, head-ruffling way. In fact, one of the posters kept saying, “You guys wouldn’t guess how CUTE monstro is!” I couldn’t help but think she meant not in a “sexy” cute way, but in an “adorable, little-girl-on-Easter-Sunday” cute. I kind of felt like my subsequent postings were treated in a similar way. But before, I was viewed as serious, intense, intimidating…a worthy sparring partner for any debate. Not “cutesy”.

I also felt weird during the actual face-to-faces, both in how I was interacting with the people and in how they interacted with me. They were surprised with how quiet I was, since I’m quite vocal on the internet. I could also tell that I hadn’t met their expectations for “coolness”. I knew both of the boards were pretty “hip”, but I didn’t realize this extended to the real world too. I pretty much sat on the end of the table and listened to everyone’s overlapping conversations, only chiming in occassionally. In a way, it revealed to me how much easier it is to socialize on a message board. I don’t have to try so hard when I’m sitting in my living room, typing on my laptop. But in real life, you really have to put yourself out there. I guess I thought it would’ve be easier with “internet” friends.

So while I occassionally scan MPSIMS for notices about nearby Dopefests, I have my doubts about whether I would actually attend. I think I love the board too much to ruin it by bringing the real world into it. Anyone else have this same reluctance?

My first DopeFest was November 1999. I got absolutely hammered (I just got over-excited), so I didn’t remember enough to spoil the board.
Not a great tip, but a possibility all the same.

Oh, I hate to make you feel worse, but I don’t feel the same at all. I’m pretty much the same wherever I am, online or in the real world. :wink: I like Dopefests because I can meet interesting people that I already know, somewhat. I’ve never been disappointed when making new friends! I haven’t met anyone recently, though.

Never been to a dopefest myself but took the time to visit a few dopers when I visited the US.

I get the whole “lose the online character” thing. But I’d say it’s actually better to see a side of people you don’t get to see. It’s spontaneous rather than planned and that’s cool.

As for people getting to know who you are well it just adds another element to your persona. Rather than “Isn’t he a little darling?” it could be “Wow, he’s really mature for his age.”

I had the best time meeting a few dopers.

Speaking of which hey to Hal, kitten, Harmy and Yepmas if he’s still around.

I’d go in a heartbeat. I wish we Houstonites could get it together and have one, but we’re all sort of hanging on for Clothahump’s movie premiere.

I’ve been to three so far, and each one is more fun than the last. The first one I was a little nervous at, because I was meeting people who, for the most part already knew each other IRL, or had met at previous Dopefests. Now, I just wade in, looking for new people I haven’t met before, while enjoying old friendships.

I also like putting faces with names. That way, I can actually picture Rico’s joy at slapping me down for some imaginary transgression. :smiley:

I’ve been to four so far, and have dragged Pepper Mill to three of them and MilliCal to two.

Note: if you attend a DopeFest with silenus, bring your sunglasses. He’s prone to wearing brightly colored shirts. :smiley:

I have been to several DopeFests, and I have to admit that the first one I went to made me nervous. But I’d say that any time I walk into a room full of people I don’t know, or don’t know well, I’d get nervous. So my anxiety wasn’t particular to the Dope.

I went to a Dopefest a couple, few years ago in Seattle. I had a great time, and even my husband, who’s not a Doper, had a great time.

I didn’t notice any difference in the way I was treated here on the board, but then again, I post most frequently in the MMP. The people I met up with in Seattle were mainly MMPers, but there were a great many other people who post in other areas here on the Dope. I found all of the folks I met to be genuinely nice people.

Additionally, I’ve met Dopers on two business trips. Both meets were quite nice, but not full on Dopefests. The folks I met on those trips were MMPers, but again, they were geniunely nice people. I had great time.

A group of us got together in Chicago, back in September. It was a blast. We ended up getting tossed out of the restaurant because of the time, then spent a couple more hours in a very ‘interesting’ bar before heading home.

Go, it’s fun.

I’ve been to two. I had a great time both times.

I’d go if someone organized one in NoVA.


I’ve been to <counts on fingers> five, I think. I think the dichotomy between my online persona and my real-life persona is similar to monstro’s, but I’ve not noticed any difference in how people react to me online. It has altered how I react to some posters, though. There’s one poster whose posts I can no longer read without hearing the voice of Fred Willard, for example. But I’d consider that a general improvement, not a detriment.

I would go. I think it’d be cool to meet some of ya’ll.

And if I’m ever in Richmond (which is likely considering my best friend lives there) I really have to see how cute Monstro is. Then I can make cooing sounds when I read one of her serious discussions here. :smiley:

I would not go. I don’t drink, and I don’t like hanging out in bars. Since the former appears to be the primary activity, and the latter the primary meeting place, for most DopeFests, they are, for the most part, simply not for me.

Besides which, I’m very much less interesting in person than I am online, assuming that’s even possible.

I’d go to another in a heartbeat. Met several dopers, including silenus, for the first time in Vegas a year ago. We were a pretty diverse group and I can honestly say I didn’t meet anybody I didn’t like or let their “real life” personas affect how I view them online.

When was the last time we had a Bay Dope, anyway? Last I remember was a few years ago, but it got cancelled literally at the last minute.

Well, I certainly can’t speak for all Dopefests, but I’ve seen many that were being held in people’s homes, or at parks.

The one I attended in Seattle included a tour of the Seattle Underground, and then we all drove to a restaurant for a nice meal and conversation.

I met one Doper at a Mexican restaurant, and I met some other Dopers at a mall type area in D.C, where we all adjourned to a restaurant. There is no requirement to drink alcoholic beverages, and I don’t think any of us care whether someone drinks or not. To each, his or her own.

Literally? Like you all were there sitting at the table in the bar and someone stood up and said, “The Dopefest was to begin at 7:00PM. It is now 6:59PM. I’m afraid we’re going to have to cancel.” Like that?


Hey, maybe we can have a DopeFest in a library. Because I’m not a bar person either.