Georgia Dopers: Christmas Get Together?

I’m sittin’ on the ready button, and since I’m going home to Rothenburg next month I wanna know who’s coming and who’s not, because I am making a list and checking it twice. I thought we were gonna make it Manuel’s Tavern, but wasn’t sure.

So I guess what I’m asking is, which of you little heathens is gonna join me where?

Consider this the official Georgia Doper Christmas Get-Together Invite! :smiley:

LabDad, guitars are invited as well. We’ll do some carols together in the parking lot if we have to! :smiley:


I don’t know about ** Ryujin**, but since I work retail, I’ll be there if I have the day off, but arranging to get off specially for it may be difficult. The whole month of December is a blackout period.

OK everyone, don’t all sign up at once! Quasi, I think you’re being unbelievably optimistic in thinking that you’ll be able to get folks to commit to a specific time and place in December on the 7th of October! We’ll see. If we’re going to do it inside the perimeter (and I hope we do), I’d recommend a place that is served by MARTA (Manuel’s isn’t). There are any number of places in Decatur that are a stone’s throw from the MARTA station. My personal favorite is The Brick Store - best beer in town and a nice upstairs area we could gather in. (Yeah, yeah - I live in Decatur and can WALK to The Brick Store, but it’s still a great place.) We had what, 10 last time? The Brick could easily accomodate that and more. And we don’t have to go through a lot of Dave and Buster’s type hassles with minimum guaranteed spending, and so forth.

Let me know what y’all think.

I’ll be there if Morelin happens to get the day off, otherwise coordinating everything would be difficult.

Labdad, wherever everyone wants to meet is find with me. is there a motel near The Brick Store, 'cause I’d like to have more than just one beer this time, but don’t want to drivve home with it on board.

Good point about Marta. My reason for mentioning Manuels was that they have a very relaxed party policy. If the Brick has the same thing, fine.

I’ll be back home from vacation on December 4th, but that’s my weekend to work, so my available dates on the weekends that follow are: 10/11/12. Also Christmas, but I know y’all have families, so I guess that’s out. If y’all don’t decide on either of those days, let me know what day, and I’ll arrange to get someone to work for me.

I hope it all works out.


I just noted that I have also asked off for 5th of December: A Friday.


Thought I’d give it one last shot.


I missed the post the first time around – I’m in! I like the idea of carols too!

I’m throwing in my same old half-assed sort-of interest since it’s such a drive. and the fact that it appears only peach-eaters are invited. . .

Worth a try, Q, and we’d love to come, but it’ll be iffy.

Bruce_Daddy, sorry to have made it appear that way, but you and any other Doper who would like some Christmas Cheer are heartily invited. As a matter of fact, from knowing how nice the rest of the “peach-eaters” are, we’d all be honored if you made the drive down to be with us!

Hell, come on down Dood! :D:D We’ll rock! Totally!:wink:


I’m probably in, depending on the date. I had such a good time at the last one, I’ll try hard to make it.

By the way, Quasi, have you taken a look at the Fur Peace Ranch website? The classes are filling up. although I notice that both of Michael Falzarano’s classes are still open.

December 5th, Y’all. How about it? LabradorDad:D: I haven’t been to the Fur Peace lately, but it doesn’t look like I’m gonna be able to make the next session. Got too much other stuff goin’ on! :frowning:


I just had one “wild-ass idea”! If LabDad brings his guitar, and I bring mine, and ArcherGal brings her fiddle, we could (weather permitting) do a few carols in the parking lot of wherever we meet. We might even make a few bucks! We’ll be Street Musicians! And we’ll donate whatever we take in to the Humane Society.

We would just need to set up a time to do this, since we’ll wanna have a good time and enjoy some holiday fellowship amongst ourselves as well!

We’ll be impromptu Cornbuskers! (or whatever that name is!;))

I think I got the handle on Old King Windowglass!:slight_smile: But I can learn a few others! Jingle Bells, for instance, is amazingly easy to play!

We could be… (ready?)… Sergeant Doper’s Parking Lot Christmas Band!


(do not cue the damn chirping crickets on me! :D)


Also needed: Professional;) tambourinists, kazoo players, and a choir! We would also need either an old fedora or (even better) an open guitar case to catch all the money we’d be receiving!



I like it! I had a really good time last meeting – only thing missing was music!

Any way to get this notice out to others that don’t haunt this forum?

You are FAR to cheery. :slight_smile:

I’ll bring my bass sans amp so that I can strum along for aesthetic value.

You can use my accoustic/electric bass if you want, Bruce! :smiley:


Interesting question, Archergal. As you know, we aren’t allowed to cross-post here, and I’m not sure how we could get the word out to all who might reside in our environs, other than just by private e-mails.


Sorry, wrong Georgia.