Xmas get-together for Atlanta dopers?

As Revtim knows, there was a possibility of my moving to Huntsville, AL (2237 miles SE of Assboink, ID) in the near future. That has fallen through (For the better, though. Leaving mannnnnnnnnny details out here.) However, I will be in Altanta from 12/23-12/29 (actually, I’ll be there until 1/1/00, but only available on the dates given). Do you Atlanta dopers want to get together for Kool-Aid and Graham crackers during that time? :wink: If so, let me know when would be a good time for you and where you are so I can work out the details. If no one responds, I’ll be emailing each of you Atlanta folk personally. MUUAH-HA-HA-HA-HA!!

Well, the timing probably won’t work out for me, but keep posting developments on this thread and maybe something will work out on my end.

Well, shut my mouth. It’s also illegal to put squirrels down your pants for the purposes of gambling.

I’m sure we can work something out while you’re in town, Strainger. A weekday after work would be best for me - maybe that Monday or Tuesday? I work on the southside, next to Hartsfield. I live on the eastside. Something between those points would be ideal, but, hey, I’m easy!

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Doctor J, you’re easy? Well I am on my way out there for sure! eden, pack a bag, we’re going to Atlanta! :slight_smile:

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Don’t know who said it, but I like it.

Hey, I’d love to lift a cup of Christmas cheer with as many Teeming Millions as we can find. Count me in, please!

Shall we find a central place? What are y’all up for? Coffee? Something stronger? Dinner? What?

your humble TubaDiva

I should be good for that time. We are not planning on leaving town during that time.

I live on the West Side, work on the North side, Doc lives on the East side and works on the south side. I do not know where Tuba or others live and work. Where are you staying Strainger?

I’ll keep a watch on this thread.


C’mon, Michelle and eden, we’ll leave the light on for ya!

Tuda - I vote for “What”

shamelessly bobbing topic back to top

Tuda? Tuda Tuba? Y’all know what I meant.

I’m thinking Buckhead would be a good central location. If not, then probably something a little further East (sorry, Jeffery). I don’t know about the preferences of the rest of you, but I could do a bar or a coffee shop, or anything in between. I’m thinking a bar and grill would be the best bet. I’d prefer somewhere that’s not too noisy, though. I want to be able to hear the exchange of profound thoughts without a lot of difficulty.

I work a bit north of Buckhead, so no problem there. A bar and grill sounds fine to me. I am not too familar with Buckhead to know any good spots. Anyone else?


I’m going to be in Atlanta over Christmas (my family lives in Stone Mountain), but I’m not yet sure of when…

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I have always been partial to Cafe Intermezzo. Odd ambience, but has a great outdoor sitting area in the back and is a good place to talk and unwind. It’s in the heart of Buckhead. Granted, I might not be able to make the get-together, but I would still like to have some impact on it.

Mullinator, come visit eden and I first. We are a lot closer! Then maybe the three of us could take a little trip over to Atlanta! I’m available to head over there on 12/27-29.

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Wow, I didn’t expect such an affirmative response from the Florida contingent, but great! I’d really like to see y’all there! Sounds like 12/28 would be a good evening. I like Mullinator’s suggestion about Cafe Intermezzo. How does 7-ish sound?

“Odd ambience” always works for me.

Let’s see if we can’t get some idea of the size of this, maybe we can reserve a table or a room or something. What day, what time? I’m pretty flexible.

your humble TubaDiva
who can’t think of a nicer Christmas gift.

12/28 looks like it would be good for me. 7-ish will work as well.

How do you get to this Cafe? I have not heard of it and do not know where it is.

I know where the Cheese Cake Factory is and where Lenox Mall is and Dante’s. Is it anywhere near there?


[Here](http://www.mapquest.com/cgi-bin/ia_find?uid=r2v7l0g5o3xco9oj%3A22qyr2lfy&mscsid=&link=ia-map-result&SNVData=njij9-lz7%3bvdduvj%7clga%2Ccjtsc%28f%2Cf7c3m%280%2Cc2j%7c xlr750.3rs%253b_gqa1xg.q8k8%2529c2j%257cxlr7s5.q8k8%2529cw8%257c.5wbwlz%2Ci4o6%2540klqrkq%257cl%2524bcjs%257cdyx1%2529iw%253b2%253btb0fj%257cfiid%257cyj1mm4.q8k8dr-oxiw%253ba%253bB %257cWIK%253bW%2540BBD%253bwbwik5%257crxhqje.gm2nxp%2528uy5d%252bWM%2512L%2519V%2514DS%252b%2514Q%252bRJ%2540%252b%2513%2517%2512VR%2517%2517%2524%252bS%2517%2524%252bl6b2h%253d2s1 w%2524%252bF%2515%2Cpn7m-labl5z%2Cpn16-%2529u2n0rbl&mouse_mode=center&map.x=191&map.y=165) is a map to Cafe Intermezzo. It’s just South of Piedmont Hospital and quite a ways South of the places you named, Jeffery. Does this location work for everyone?

TubaDiva, we had a simul-post. Check my previous post for answers to your questions.

(I pray to the great gods of the UBB that I did not screw the code up)

Well, after practicing, I got the code (HTML)to work but couldn’t get the map image to come up. It’s at 1845 Peachtree Rd (West side of the road, intersection of P’tree Rd and 28th St.), North of the intersection with I-85 and just South of Piedmont Hospital.

Well I think taking a road trip out there would be an awesome change of pace for me, but I won’t go alone…so…unless I hear from my other Florida Dopers, I dunno.

That’s all right Strainger, with the address I can do a mapquest lookup.