Xmas get-together for Atlanta dopers?

Unbeknownst to me, there are apparently a couple of them. The one I have been to is in Buckhead, on Peachtree St.
Try this link (maybe, I make no guarantees it will come out any prettier than Strainger’s
Cafe Intermezzo
It is heavy on coffees and alcohol. The dessert bar rocks. Not a place I would choose to go to for a sit-down meal.

Here is [the map,](http://yellowpages.excite.com/bus/detail.whtml?record_id=550084129&website_type=B&name=cafe&searchType=rid&searchRegion=false&combinedAddr=Atlanta%2C+Ga&newSearchURL=.%2F&lat =33.805293&lon=-84.393891&scale=12000&mapWidth=370&mapHeight=370&mark=-84.393891%2C33.805293%2CPoint.MarkWP&Zoom.x=267&Zoom.y=30#mapanchor)

I recommend the outdoor setting at night, but I would ask that someone checks it out to make sure it suits your needs.

Well crap, the map thing is acting weird, but I give myself points for effort. The address is on the page, so I guess just give it a shot from there.

I’m from Roswell, GA about 10-15 miles north of Buckhead. That’s a good location for me too. This sounds like fun.


Mullinator, is Cafe Intermezzo that place with all the crap out on the patio (including, IIRC, a Statue of Liberty replica)? That’s the place where I determined during my senior year of college that Peachtree Street becomes Peachtree Road.

I don’t think so, at least not when I was there. I went there for the first time in early 1996 and haven’t been there since about May of 98. I still suggest someone go scope it out just to make sure it is still a good place to have a get-together.

OK, never mind. Anyone want to check out Cafe Intermezzo? I would, but it’s a long drive from here (~1800 miles).

I nominate Enright to scope the place out. He/She says they are close.

All in favor?


Just moving this to the top to:

  1. Serve as a reminder.
  2. See if we pick up any more Atlanta area Dopers.
  3. Ask Michelle if she’s had any luck in organizing a roadtrip for the Florida Dopers. Michelle?