Shall we do an Atlanta Doper gathering? (Short notice, I know.)

I got my plans finalized last night (long story; I’ll tell you later). I’m getting into Atlanta early Thursday morning (12/21) and leaving New Years Eve. Would y’all like to get together sometime during that period? I’m pretty flexible, although Christmas Eve and Christmas are out. Even if I could only meet one of you for lunch it would be a good time. I’m leaving tonight and won’t have much, if any, Internet access after that, but I’m willing to give a phone number where I can be reached to a trusted Doper(s) through email so that we can get this thing organized.

I’d be up for something, preferably between Xmas and New Years (Ideally on the 28th, 29th, or 30th). I’m off that entire week, so lunch or dinner would be good.

Also, if you’re nice, I may leave my hammer at home. :slight_smile:

Anyone else? I think Mjollner drove down from SC when Satan was in town. Lsura mentioned that she’d (I assume Lsura is a she?) be up for a meeting. Other Atlantans and nearby-ers? Mullinator? TubaDiva? Doctor Jackson? StrTrkr777? Five? spoke? Osip? xenophon41? Rosebud? Enright3? rackensack(not sure if you’re Atlanta based, but you responded one of the “what is there to do in Atlanta” threads)??

There’ve been a few of these discussed and they always seem to fall through. I hope we have better luck with this one.

I’m always up for a road trip. I can’t make the 30th, but 28th and 29th are possibilities.

(Curious that immediately after saying he might leave his hammer at home, mouthbreather mentions me. . . .)

I’m off that week as well, but my holiday travels plans are kind of up in the air right now. Someone e-mail me (I likely will not have much time to come here next week, but I will check e-mail)with the date, time and location and I’ll do my best to be there.

I could always just swing YOU around, Mjollnir, if I wanna break some teeth. But I’d imagine that if you are even remotely close to being a normal-sized human being that you’d be pretty heavy, being made of gold and all that.

I’m up for something. My travel plans currently include a trip to Chattanooga, up the 24th, back the 25th, since I have to work that week. Otherwise, I’m open.

Dinner works best for me, though I can make lunch, if it’s relatively close to downtown(I work very close to Peachtree Center-walking distance to CNN center and Underground as well).

Ummm…something on a MARTA line is also great(look at me, picky, picky, picky), since that’s how I usually commute, but I can make the effort and drive in one day next week- just for you guys. :stuck_out_tongue:
and mouthbreather I am a ‘she’. Just to clarify.

I have no vacation time set aside, so I will be downtown like normal. I’ll keep checking in.

Seriously, are we? There are EuroDopefests, Chicago Dopefests, DC Dopefests and NYC frickin’ Dopefests, on a semi-regular to regular basis. But here in Atlanta, we only stir ourselves when a stranger (or Strainger) comes to town, and even then it’s a light stirring. I only found this thread in a 10-day search, after Mully’s post fell through the 5-day floor.

Strainger is only here for a few more days. Are we going to let him leave without showing him some Southern hospitality?

I’m working (at Coke) the rest of this week 8-5. I’m up for lunch in the Downtown or Midtown areas, or supper anywhere inside the Perimeter.

Did anyone get the phone number Strainger’s staying at?

Gloriosky, do I have to do everything around here?

Heck, I’m in. Somebody just throw out a date, time and meeting place.

Like Lsura and Mullinator, I work in the Peachtree Center area, so lunch in that area would be great, or dinner (or drinks) just about anywhere.

If we just get together for a drink, I would suggest maybe somewhere in Virginia-Highland. Hand-In-Hand Pub, perhaps?


Are you kidding? Hand-in-Hand, the bar that proves you don’t have to go to Buckhead to meet shallow Buckhead yuppies?

I favor the Highlander down in Midtown Plaza.

Works for me. I suggest Friday, the 29th at 7:00 at the Highlander.


Works for me too. Who will join us?

Thanks for thinking of me, mouthbreather, but I’m not going to be in Atlanta again 'til next summer. I’d love to hang out with you guys again, though-- I’ll definitely try to set something up if my friends and I make it to DragonCon again.

works for me as well- I do need directions though. 7pm- means I’ll be coming from home, so from 400(or marta directions, as that is incredibly convienent for me, but driving is ok too- I just haven’t ever been to the Highlander)

There’s no MARTA stop. Sorry.

Directions from 400:

S. on 400, merge with I-85 South. As you draw near downtown, take the 14th Street/10th Street exit. Stay on exit ramp, cross over 14th Street, keep going 'til you get to 10th Street. Turn left on 10th Street.

Stay on 10th Street until it ends at Monroe Drive (just past Piedmont Park). Turn right on Monroe. Go to second light (not counting the one where you turned). You’ll see a sign for the Midtown 8 movie theaters on your left. Turn in there. The Highlander is in the same shopping center as the Midtown 8 Theater.

stress is mine

not being anal or anything, but I dpn’t know if there’s going ot be a Dragoncon anymore, as the guy in charge was/is in court for charges of child molestation and sodomy, among other things.

Strainger, I’ll see if I can make it; I doubt it, as I’m not allowed to operate a POV, but maybe a friend could take me.

I might make it, and I might not.

However, if no one has Strainger’s number to extend the invitation to him, I think it might be not-too-hard to find him with certain assumptions (like that he’s staying with someone who shares his last name, and that they are not unlisted).

Sorry for hijacking here, but good God, teppei, really?! Damn damn damn… be a shame for something like Dragoncon to fall apart thanks to something like that, and infinitely more of shame if whatshisname (I don’t remember it) engaged in that kind of behavior. I’m gonna see if I can find anything else out about it.

Apologizing once again for the hijack… carry on, my Southern friends!

I was going to ask if Bama Dopers were invited, but I can’t make it to Atlanta Friday.

Sounds like fun, unfortunately I can’t make it on the 29th (or anytime over that weekend). Keep me in mind for any future dates. I live about 40 miles south of the city, but work in Fulton county, so travel even as far as the Northside ain’t that big a deal. If you guys do get together have a blast!