Any Atlanta dopers?

I start a new job next week and I just found out I will probably be in Atlanta the week of August 23rd for training. I will most likely be staying at the Marriott Northwest.

Hopefully I will have my evenings free and would love to get together with any Dopers in the area. Got any suggestions for places to eat? I love to explore the hidden culinary gems of places I visit and am especially interested in BBQ if there is any worth eating in GA :slight_smile:

Hey, Mike! Geobabe and I are recent locals, but I’ll be outta town Monday night and Tuesday that week, spinning my wheels in Detroit, Rock City! We could sure meet up another night, though. We’ll check out some spots near your hotel. There are more Dopers around here who may already have a good spot in mind.

You must go to Fat Matt’s! The very best barbecue in Atlanta. If you also like blues music, go on Thursday night around 8 or so. The band that plays is great. I’m actually trying to get a group of people to go that week, so there’s a chance I’ll be there. If you are familiar with Atlanta at all, it’s on Piedmont, close to where Cheshire Bridge dead ends into it.

Are you actually going to be in the city of Atlanta? It sounds like you may be in Marietta or Cobb County.

It looks like MikeG will be out towards Cobb County, from the hotel’s web page (if for some reason that doesn’t link to the Marriott NW page, just search for Atlanta and scroll down - it’s the third or fourth one on the page).
I’ve got nothing to add beyond that.

Sounds fabulous! Hey, Mike, how’s about we pick you up (I DO know that hotel, from my Marine Corps Reserve days) and go to Fat Matt’s?

Sounds like a plan! I will update when I know what my schedule is. Being picked up sounds good as well, I am going to try to avoid getting a rental car if at all possible. I’ve been unemployed for 4 months and I’m pretty well tapped out for big expenses like that:)

Hey, other Atlanta folks, MikeG is tres cool. Don’t miss this.

(There’s a very mild chance that I’ll be in Atlanta about that time, but certainly don’t count on it)

Oh, and what was that bar in Decatur? The Brickstore? Very cool place. A bit far away from Cobb County though.

Well, so much for the Cheetah Club. :slight_smile:

Googles Cheetah club…

:eek: :smiley:

Ah well, I’ve got a good imagination.

I’m so amazed I got out of that google hit without a barrage of pop ups!

Yes, ShibOleth, it was the Brick Store we went to - and it IS rather far from Cobb County.

Too bad, though, because the people from Fat Matt’s have opened up Maddy’s barbecue in Decatur (in the old Rockin’ Rob’s Barbecue). It’s actually one of the last Old Hickory Houses, so the pit has been in use since I was a youngster, and that’s a long time ago! Good blues bands there every night. And it’s relatively convenient to the Brick Store.

Much closer to your hotel is Williamson Bros Bar-B-Q. The ribs aren’t quite as good as Fat Matt’s, but they’re still pretty damn good!

The absolute gold standard for barbecue in Atlanta, however, is Harold’s. Down on McDonough Blvd near the Federal Prison, it’s the very essence of 'cue. And the crackling cornbread served up on the side is like love on a plate.

IN fact, think I’ll head over there for lunch right now!

Update: New job is exhausting. Don’t know when Atlanta trip will happen now, they might come up here. Too tired to post or read. Going to bed.

Too tired to surf the Net?!?!!? My God what has happened to me?

Aw, hell. We may just go anyway.

Let me know if you decide to go, I may meet y’all there…my email address is in my profile

I’m an Atlanta Doper from Georgia Tech. If you guys pick a place near Marta or near campus I’ll come join you all. By all means do not pick it for me, as it may end up that my schedule won’t sync up but whatever the plans become, I’ll be interested!

And you know, I had to ask him, the BBQ joint or the strip club?

Maybe both. :smiley: