Atlanta Dopers, dinner this Saturday 2/28?

In preparation for our upcoming move to Georgia, UncleBill and I will be in Lithonia this weekend to look for a place to live. We’d love to get together with anyone who’s free for dinner Saturday evening.

We’ll be staying just off of I-20 in Lithonia. We’re open for suggestions on restaurants; Bill knows the area fairly well, but we’d still probably want someplace easy to find. Who’s in?

Hey, welcome to the area! I’m in Duluth (a little north and west of Lithonia), and I don’t think we’ve got anything going on this weekend. Let me know where y’all end up coming, and maybe we can meet up with you there!

Welcome, from Archergal and Robert!

W00t! More ATL dopers! Am I confusing you with someone else, or are you a CMU grad? In which case, double-woot! Transplanted Pittsburghers in Atlanta!

The Atlanta dopers are a pretty sad bunch. With the exception of our last Dave&Busters outing, typically these things go over like a fart in church. But, gooti and I should be free and we’d love to meet up with you two.

I’ll post some more in here later this week on location suggestions, etc … once we see who all is in.

goddamit Archergal, here I was thinking I’d be all cool with the first reply. :wink:

Wasn’t me. I went to Smith, and the husband is a Dukie. I relocated to Miami from the DC area in '02.

Hmm, not sure who I was thinking of…

Morelin and I will be available if it’s around (or the drinking drags on until) 9pm on the 28th, she has to work til 8 and I like to leave plenty of time for me to get lost. :smiley:

Though I’ve heard some of the ATL dopers shrivel and die if they go outside the Perimeter…

i would sure love to go as long as my babysitter will help out. don’t know much about lithonia though. yeah! the first atlanta dope fest that i am not working for!

mouthbreather, nyah nyah, beat you to the punch! :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually I was surprised nobody else had responded! I don’t know the Lithonia area too well, but I’m reasonably competent at finding my way in new areas, thanks to Mapquest.

And GMRyujin, some of us who live outside the perimeter feel lost and alone when we have to go INSIDE 285! I went down near Piedmont Park last Sunday, and I think I had to have my passport checked to be able to get back into Gwinnett County!

Welcome, Geobabe and Geostud! I work in Lithonia, right off I-20, and live about 10 miles north. Unfortunately, I am booked solid this Saturday from 8:30 AM to about 10:00 PM so I won’t be able to join you. That’s what having kids will do for ya.

Looks so far like we’ll have a good group. Excellent.

Doctor Jackson, sorry we’ll miss you this time, but since you’re so close to where we’ll be, we’re sure to catch you another time.

GMRyujin, I’ll email you our cell numbers in case you want to call to make sure we’re still hanging out, though we should still be going strong at 9.

I get lost when I leave the comfortable little area I know as DunwoodySandySpringsRoswell.

However, I must leave my homeland and go into the city itself to attend school. When someone tries to address me, I say, “I’m sorry, I do not speak your ‘Inside the Perimeter’ language!” then scurry off, less my suburbany wholesomeness be lost, corrupted by them cityfolk.

I’ve emailed Quasi, I can’t BELIEVE he hasn’t turned up in this thread.

So, where’re we going?

I was thinking the same thing. He’d better show up…I owe him a great big squeeze for our beautimous wedding presents he got for us while he was in Germany.

I’d love to meet some of the other Atlanta Dopers…I’m on the other side of the world from Lithonia (out 575 toward Canton), but I may be convinced to make the trek down there (I drive to Buckhead every day for work, what’s another 20 miles or so!!!) Maybe we could meet somewhere just a little further North than Lithonia. Just give me the where and when, and I’ll let you guys know closer to the date. :slight_smile:

Any suggestions on where to meet? We’ll need to get this nailed down by tomorrow afternoon, since Bill and I will be traveling in the evening and won’t be able to check back here. I’ll throw out 7 PM as a time, unless anyone else has a strong preference.

Well I lived in Atlanta for 10 years. Lets see if I can get all the place, Dunwoody, ALpharetta, Duluth and finally Suwanee. I then moved to North August SC (just across the river from Augusta). I will be visiting Atlanta on Saturday taking the kids to Sic-Trek, I will be staying with my sister who lives off of Ashford/Dunwoody. I may be able to get away after 9:00 so if you have any idea where you might be at that time I would like to meet some dopers in real life.

Welcome to Georgia.

Oh, by the way, I meant to include in my last post, if anyone wants our cell numbers to get hold of us, email me and I’ll send 'em to ya.

I’m kinda clueless about the Lithonia area, so I’ll have to defer to those more knowledgeable.

Also, we had a little winter storm blow through last night. We have snow in the Atlanta area. Just keep in mind that almost no one up here actually knows how to drive in the snow, so be very careful travelling!

Atlanta could always use another Doper! Welcome!

Don’t think I’ll be able to meet, being a poor college student without a car, but I hope you find your time here fun.

How about that storm down here? Got a full inch of snow! How much I miss real storms in the northeast…

Well, darn! I’ve got a high-school alumni get together that evening, and I’ll miss seeing Archergal, Robert, mouthbreather, gooti, and GMRyujin.

But I did get together last night with ShibbOleth for drinks and dinner. He’s in Atlanta for a training session and we had a great time. I’m sure y’all will, too.