Doper Crotalus outed as Obama Supporter in NY Times!

I’m posting to this somewhat old thread at the suggestion of WordMan, the OP. This seems the best place to report on today’s events.

I live in Chillicothe, Ohio, a city of about 25,000 people in the southern, Appalachian part of the state. We get more attention from presidential campaigns than you might expect based on our size.

Barack Obama held a rally in here this morning. Since it was a work from home day for me, my wife and I decided to walk down to the courthouse and check it out. Gates opened at 8 AM for a 10AM event. We left the house around 9 and strolled downtown, not expecting to get anywhere close to the candidate. As we were walking toward the throng in front of the podium, we were accosted by a young lady who asked if we would like to stand on the courthouse steps behind the podium and wave signs. Well, my wife had put her makeup on, I had shaved, why not? We said we would and were escorted to the top center step of the courthouse, about 20 feet behind the podium. One of our sons was watching MSNBC and took this picture from his TV screen. I’m the white-haired guy and my wife is the blonde at the left edge of the pic. After brief speeches by our congressman, senator and governor, Obama showed up on time and gave a 40 minute speech. Afterward he did the rope line handshaking thing, and my wife and I got a handshake from the man himself.

Great story - and regardless of the election’s outcome, you’re part of history. Thanks for sharing and Go Obama!

That is very cool. It looks like your state is going Obama. It has climbed to +3.1 in favor of Obama and is on an upwards swing in his favor. New Jersey went to Solid for Obama this week.

He has a large lead in the electoral map currently.

That’s awesome! As a fellow guitar torturer, I am of course more highly impressed with the guitarist shout out than all that old boring political stuff.

Naw; that’s cool, too, of course!

He’s appearing – uh, he, Obama, not he, Crotalus – at a rally about 5 minutes from me tomorrow. I’d been thinking about whether to go or not – but I guess if I do, I should wear makeup, just in case.

V. cool!

Very cool!

He’ll be speaking a few blocks from where I work in a little while, but I couldn’t leave work in time to go stand in line. :frowning:

The gates were opening at 11 (I think he’s scheduled to speak shortly after 1:00). When we looked at 10:45 there was already a very large crowd waiting.


According to CNN, Chillicothe (my hometown) is a bellwether. I wish I’d known that when I was living there. Maybe I would have gone into politics.

Another of our sons sent me this picture, from an online news story I guess. My wife is visible just above Zack Space’s and Ted Strickland’s hands, and I’m just above Zack Space’s and Obama’s hands.

twicks, if you are interested in a similar experience, look for well-dressed young ladies who are approaching people on the outskirts of the crowd. :slight_smile:

WordMan - Thanks for suggesting that I share with SDMB in your old thread.

What Exit? - I’m convinced that Ohio is going to deliver its electoral votes to Obama. It’s starting to look like there may be an electoral landslide.

An Arky - Thanks. I’ve seen your band on youtube, and you are not a torturer. You wield that Rick very well.

gardentraveller - If I lived in Columbus, I probably would not have gone to the rally there. Being in a small town, particularly one which gets the attention we get, makes it easier to get close to these things.

E. Thorpe - During the last gubernatorial election process, primaries and general, I met and actually had a conversation with every single candidate. It’s amazing how much attention gets paid to this little city.

Were you healed? :wink:
–Obama voter

Yes, lawd! All traces of republican leanings were finally extinguished in me.

They actually went away a while ago.

::faints dead away::

Can I touch you?


[dirty old man]

I’d rather be touched by the “well-dressed young ladies who are approaching people on the outskirts of the crowd”

[/dirty old man]

Only on the right hand. :wink:

You should be ashamed of yourself. Besides, you have no idea what Shayna looks like.

I am - constantly! :smiley:

No worries; I am an equal-opportunity lech. :wink:

Here’s Crotalus (and some guy named Obama) in moving-picture format.

**Crotalus **- Dude! That’s ALL you!!!

Wow, thanks E. Thorp. And I’m sorry about the extra “e” in the message above.