Doper Crotalus outed as Obama Supporter in NY Times!

Link to Op/Ed piece here I think it requires free registration to read there.

In a previous thread in Cafe Society (here), **Crotalus ** discusses a neighbor friend of his who happens to have published a very well-written, but very white-trash disturbing collection of short stories entitled Knockemstiff, named after the little town the author is from. Well, that author, Donald Ray Pollock, also writes occasionally for the Op/Ed page on the New York Times. And this past Sunday, our own **Crotalus ** was the topic - Pollock is a diehard Democrat who struggles with the basically-Republican mindset in his area. But he relates a conversation with his Republican neighbor Tim that gives him hope…

I don’t think I can copy all of the text here - sorry. But it is very short - a standard Op/Ed piece - and what’s even cooler is that Crotalus is described thusly:

How cool is that? Nice name-check, Crotalus!

If there’s one guy in the world I’d buy snake oil from, it’s gotta be [del]Ti[/del]… Crotalus. Nice catch, WordMan. Having your ‘crossfence’ conversations referenced in the New York Times? Nice. Mebbe by election week he’ll have reached something akin to Bad Astronomer status.

It’s kinda funny how this came about. Don and I have spent some time over the past few months talking about books. We have both avoided talking politics. I read in a book review somewhere that Don had done some writing for the NY Times, so I searched for and read those pieces a couple of weeks ago. I liked them a lot and sent Don an email saying so. That email included the following:

The next time I visited his back porch, we talked for a while about politics for the first time, and I agreed that Don could use our conversation as the basis for an article. He then mowed his lawn.

Okay - so you fed him most of the column - but, dude, you were described as a mean guitarist in the country’s Paper of Record™!!

…have the groupies started sleeping outside your house yet?


You do not want to see the groupies I get at my age. :slight_smile: Since Don’s house is on the little lane for which my most recent band was named, and since we rehearsed in my garage, Don has probably heard me play the guitar more than anyone should have to. We’ve never discussed that, so I was surprised to see the mention of me being a guitarist. Kinda cool.

Very cool! :cool:

Now – when are you going to change your location tag? :wink:

Oh, what the heck. Now.

Hey, that is very cool. Another Old school Republican that changed over to Obama.

I love the fact you got a shout out for playing a mean guitar.

So did your friend do a good job on the flower bed?


Crotalus, this so totally awesome (in both senses of the word).

In addition to making our recent PM exchanges about the election even more meaningful, I can say I’m acquainted with “a mean guitarist,” as recorded in the paper of record.

Dude, your neighbor - the person who lives next door to you and has no choice to listen to you play or not thinks you’re good? You must be a guitar god. :smiley:

Okay old buddy, we’ve got the killer snake stories, the tres cool guitar playing and the admirable political sensibilities. All this, of course, leads one to the next logical question… where can we find your software?

What Exit? - The flower bed looks OK to me. It’s his wife’s opinion that really matters, though. I haven’t heard from her.

5-4-Fighting and Cluricaun - I’ve always assumed, since none of my neighbors have complained, that the sounds coming out of my garage were at least bearable. In addition to rehearsing with my band out there, I use the garage when I want to practice by myself “plugged in”. Seeing a favorable reference to my playing in the Times was an unexpected treat.

lieu - If you have payed a bill online, there is a very good chance that you have used software that I have had a hand in developing or maintaining.

I was all prepared for this to be a joke thread.

Very cool article.

Does your band ever play in Columbus? We could plan a Dopefest around it, you know.

[A little bit off-topic] I missed the CS thread the first time around, but saw Auntie Pam’s review of the book on Goodreads and added it to my to-read list there (although, I’m still a bit scared of it). He’s got some very strong ratings on Goodreads; if you click on the average rating for all editions, you can see the distribution. If he hasn’t read the reviews there, he should; I’m sure there are some not worth reading, but the first few I read were interesting. Not everyone liked his book, but they certainly had strong (and well-articulated) feelings about it.[/albot]


**Crotalus **- you should really consider an acoustic set or something. We played an acoustic set - all new songs - recently and really enjoyed it.

**gardentraveler **- you should be a bit scared, but it is worth it and you find yourself hypnotically drawn in.

Congrats Crotalus. I’m glad this thread was up today because I was just thinking about that little town yesterday. We delivered some furniture nearby (well, we’re always nearby, being that the store is in Chillicothe). I’m definitely going to have to check out the Times and then also the collection of short stories. It’s nice to see that both things came up so close to home.

Brendon Small

…wait 'till you read the stories. :wink:

Ok, that is very, very cool! Congrats! And now I have another book to read. Awesome.

gardentraveler and WordMan - I am actually retired from playing rock and roll. I left the band that Don was forced to hear rehearsing about a year ago. Now I play and sing in church and in prison (that’s another thread someday).

brendon_small - Check your email.

Shayna - Read some reviews first. I think the book is great, but the language and situations are not for everyone. I hope you like it.

I read through the other thread, and found the opening sentence that struck you, just as compelling as you did. If it’s good writing, I’m not “offended” or “shocked” by words on a page. And from what I understand, it’s good writing with interesting (if odd) characters. Sounds good to me!

Shayna - Cool! Just wanted to give a warning in case you weren’t aware of the content.

gardentraveler - I forgot to reply to one thing you said, about reviews on Goodreads. Don doesn’t seem obsessed about finding and reading reviews, so there’s a pretty good chance he hasn’t seen these. He’s not averse to reading comments, favorable or otherwise, but I have already pointed some out to him that he was unaware of, like Sigmagirl’s in the other thread. If I had a book published, I’d probably be Googling myself all day. I’ll send him the link.