Change your SDMB Location to "Obama Country"!

I’ve done it. Who’s with me? Let’s try it for, say, two weeks, and see how many Dopers rally to the presumptive Democratic nominee’s colors.

OBAMA '08!

Sure, why not.

GObama :slight_smile:

OK, what the hell. There’s no other politician I would do this for.

I refuse.

I’m in!

Me too.

W00t! Check dis out!

Got handbasket?


I don’t ever get to join great things on the front end, so why not? :slight_smile:

I prefer not to go overboard.

I can’t believe you guys honestly think this campaign is going to get off the ground.

Way too dorky. And Taiwan has only three electoral votes anyway, so you won’t miss me.

One must allow for regional variations.

Ok, I’ve done it. Even though Arizona has traditionally been a “red” state, and despite the fact that McCain’s our Senator (or because of it, I’m not sure), I’ll wave the banner for Obama and the Democrats.

Yikes. Next thing you know, I’ll be sending links like this to half the people in my address book.

Oh wait, I did that already. Never mind.

Done. :slight_smile:

I would but I don’t want Leaffan to be upset with me… :stuck_out_tongue:


This should be interesting

OK, I’ll do it with my slight left over modifier.

“Next to Obama Country”? :slight_smile: