Obama/McCain Locations--a bad idea?

The SDMB has been polarized before, but this is, frankly, getting creepy.

I am deeply concerned about divisiveness tearing this Board apart.

I’ve been a member since 1999, & have a long-term, vested concern with the SDMB.

I am not trying to tell the Mods & Admins their jobs.

I am not trying to tell others what their opinion should be.

I am not trying to stifle debate.

But this Board is tense!

Perhaps cooling off time is needed.

Perhaps you should shut off the Location function.Because it has ceased to be used for its intended function, & is being transformed into a Party identification badge.

And IMHO, this is bad for the SDMB.

Bosda, I don’t think we are taking it as seriously as you are. Most of the location changes have been down in a light hearted fashion and with humor.

What’s next eliminating signatures. Some people put political messages in their Sigs. Oh the horror!

Hmmm. I guess I haven’t seen this happening, would you please cite a few instances? I’m assuming it’s happening enough that you have this understandable concern, that it’s not just a once or twice occurrence?

We’ll discuss this amongst the mods, but it seems to me on the surface:

  • We do have non-US members (many) who don’t get all heated about the US election (actually, we have US members who don’t get heated about an election, as well, but you know what I mean.)
  • Stereotyping based on geography is damn silly (“Oh, you’re from Texas, you must be a red-necked evangelical gun-toting lying Republican.” “Ha, you’re from Massachusetts, yhou must be pinko commie child-murdering spendthrift Democrat.”) Arguably, such stereotyping amounts to “hate speech” directed against people because of geography, and is reportable as an offense against our rules?

The board is kinda tense, but the Obama location thing seems to be pretty lighthearted and hasn’t made anybody snap as far as I know. As for McCain locations, I haven’t even seen one.

There are only a few so far and they also appear mostly light hearted. I like the ‘Insane for McCain’ one. That was pretty clever.

See this thread: Change your SDMB location to some variant of “I’m not voting for Obama”

See my location for the tenseness and seriousness of those supporting Obama. :wink:

Here is the thread that started it. Change your SDMB Location to “Obama Country”!
I see no tenseness in the thread itself.

I thought it was just cute and funny. (On both sides.) The board is tense? I hadn’t personally noticed. But then, I tend to avoid the political debate threads. Shrug.

In a light-hearted sense, I see no problems. There have always been humorous entries in ‘Location’.

In a serious sense, Bush and the Republicans have made the World a more dangerous place (particularly to the British soldiers who are being killed in Iraq and Afghanistan), as well as smearing the good name of the US.

So this election really matters.

I read a lot of the political threads, and have reasonably strong political opinions of my own – but I don’t get tense by reading or hearing competing political opinions.

It’s inevitable that during a US presidential campaign there will be strong opinions on each side – and some will believe that the opposition represents the very bottom of the pit of depravity. And this campaign has already been going on a long time, and has nearly 5 months still to go.

But if people get tense over a little thing like the Obama location, I think the problem lies inside themselves, and they might need to just ignore that little annoyance.

(Though I will resist the temptation to change my location to “Central Ohiobama”).

I don’t see the harm, but as an Obama supporter, I’m concerned with the inevitable backlash to Obamamania coming to a peak just in time for the election.

I wish some of his more strident supporters (not just here) would tone down the rhetoric because you are NOT going to win people over with that shit, ever, and it’s more important for the man to get elected than for anybody, online or otherwise, to get their nyah-nyahs out…

I’m leaving my location as is…

I, for one, have always found witty and/or ambiguous location markers rather tiresome. A lot of times, an idea of a poster’s location adds some context to a post.

I see it as the equivalent of a yard sign or a lapel button – an indication of political support without the intent of picking a fight. Read it or ignore it, your choice.

I’m with those not feeling any tension at all.

As a Mod in GD, I would have to say that I would only number fewer than a dozen posters–mixed among Obama lovers, Obama haters (divided among the Clinton supporters and the Obama is too liberal camps)–as anything resembling rabid. (And no one is really passionate about McCain.) I really don’t think we are going to see a board divided against itself failing to stand. A few of the more excitable posters are liable to indulge themselves in the hyperbolic remarks that have always characterized their participation, but I do not see that spilling over into the larger membership.

The board is no more tense than it is during any election season. It goes with the territory.

I find it interesting that the “Change your location to Obama Country” thread has been up for 10 days, and no one’s been concerned, but the “Change your location to something other than Obama Country” thread has been up for a mere 12 hours and already someone is complaining.

Perhaps he feels that there was no polarization until the second pole was established.

Myself, I think it’s harmless.

I was going to complain about the previous thread, but I didn’t care enough. Should I have mustered up my annoyance and done so anyway?

Mind you, I would also then have to complain in the non-Obama thread, if I wanted to express both sides of my view.

That’s your opinion. I will observe that doing the right thing is often unpopular.

No more than the last one.

The last one really mattered. This one’s just clean-up.

I don’t think so, Dex, since people can move as easily as they can change religions.

It doesn’t seem tense to me. It’s much less unpleasant than the long-term Clinton v. Obama discussions were.