Doper does awesome bike ride for good cause

Fellow Doper Quasimodem is taking on an honorable task by going on a 750+ mile bike ride from Dallas, Texas to Dallas, Georgia to raise money for animal shelters in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Georgia.

I learned about the ride when he asked a question in GQ about some Web site stuff, and he was very happy for the help from me and another Doper, Twoflower who set Quasi up with the ability to create MP3 voicemail messages from the road that could be posted to his site.

Well, he’s on the ride now and is about halfway there - his ride ends in Georgia on April 12th. Here’s the site for his ride here is the page with the audio clips from the road.

I’ve been keeping up with the audio clips, they’re pretty interesting. I’ve never “known” anyone who has taken a 700-mile bike ride!

I thought I’d post this for everyone to cheer Quasi on - pet lovers and biking enthusiasts alike. He didn’t ask me to post this…but I think it’s a great feat anyway.

[Note: I got mod permission to make this post.]

[PS you can pledge a donation on the site!]

w00t! w00t! Go Mr. Quasimodem!

Good luck, dude!

Awesome! Good for you, Quasimodem!

Dang - he slipped up on me! I had meant to go out to the Trace and see if I could spot him passing through. I did pass his schedule along to some biking friends of mine - I hope some of them could ride along with him today.

Thanks for starting this thread,** Zipper** – I was thinking of doing the same thing but I’ve been swamped.

I’ve been enjoying his messages from the road — go Quasi!

What a great thing to do! And it sounds like fun.

Quasi, a good guy who’s always helped other people is now going waaaay out of his way to help animals too? Yeah, I can pretty much see that.

Knowing what a butt feels like the day after a 100 plus mile ride, it’s doubly impressive to see someone get back on that same infernal seat and do it all over again… and again… and again.

Rock solid, Quasi, that’s what you are. Rock solid.

His voicemail for Wednesday was pretty sad. He talked about how Wednesday is…well, it’s euthanization day at the pounds he’s working with.

That must really suck to be on a 100-mile stretch of bike ride and have that weighing on your heart the whole time. How sad :frowning:

The two-letter designation for Mississippi is MS. It is not MI.

Yeah, I noticed that too. I listened to that message wondering why he was in Michigan, hoping that it wasn’t some huge disaster!

But, he’s got a really nice person doing his site updates, I think for free, so we’ll have to let her slide.

Go Go Quasi Racer! Cheering you on :slight_smile:

Just bumping this thread…Sunday is Quasi’s last day of the ride (hopefully…that’s the schedule).

I hadn’t noticed this before, but here is his blog that chronicles the ride.

Poor guy ran into a lot of hills - he had to walk the bike in parts of Mississippi! He also ran into some tornado warnings and hail.

The blog is interesting to bikers…he goes over some stuff he’s learned on his ride, such as problems with hydration and how walkie-talkies don’t quite work in the wind. He’s switched to having to use hand signals with his team.

Good luck, Quasi, on your final stretch home!

More speedy wishes! Go Quasi go!!