Doper girls! Help me with . . . the girls.

I needs me a new bra.

My husband got me THEEEEEE CUTESTEST baby tee for my birthday. (It has GIR saying, “I miss you, cupcake!”) However, when I tried it on, two things became clear. Ahem. No, not those two things. Well, yes, actually, those two things, too. But also these two things: 1) It is tight on me, and 2) it is thin. Just a whisp of cotton-poly blend, really.

So I thought, better bust out the good bra.

Okay, yeah, the “good” bra? Not so good. Good support and good shaping, which is why I lurve it under sweaters. But under the baby tee, it’s like “HELLO! HERE ARE MY BRA SEAMS. CAN YOU SEE THE STRAPS? LOOKS LIKE THEY GIVE GOOD SUPPORT, EH? ON ACCOUNT OF THEY ARE THICK AS TIRE RADIALS!” And this bra claims to be a “seamless” style. :rolleyes:

Unfortunately, since I’ve been losing a little weight, the “good” bra is my bra that kinda sort fits, aside from the light sports bras I wear under T-shirts, and the shelf-bra camisoles I wear under blouses. (None of those work because they kinda squish everthing in and, uh, towards the armits. Not a good look under the baby tee.)

And now that I’ve lost some weight (finges crossed) I might even be able wear a bra in a normal style. I’ve got this weird, massive upper body, with a big rib cage and also—ack, I hate to say it—back fat, but also some muscle (my upper body strength is something like 80th precentile for a woman my age and size). But notice that what I’m not saying here is “huge boobies.” The “good” bra is a 40 C, which I just lucked into finding because 38s are about the biggest you can usually find in normal styles. I was in Industrially Engineered Over-the-Shoulder-Boulder-Holder territory there for a really long time. And really I’m about halfway between a B and a C, or maybe I’m actually a B, but how could I possibly know, because good luck finding a 40 B, anywhere. If you’re a 40, obviously you’re “full figured” so you must have big ol’ boobs. So I’ve been putting up with somewhat-wrinkly, not-quite-filled-out C cups for a while. sigh Dare I dream that those days are behind me?

So, anyway, it’s definitely time to engage in that uniquely excruciating torture which is shopping for a new bra. Setting aside sizing issues, what I can’t figure out is how to find one where the seams are actually smooth under clothing. I primarily seem to have trouble with the inner edge running down from the shoulder strap to the inter-titty area. In any bra I’ve had in recent energy, that edge forms a ridge that pops up so you can see it under anything that’s form-fitting at all. What style of bra should I be looking for to avoid that?

I think I’m going to commit a Crime Against Fashion and just wear the baby tee to the store with a not-good bra, to be sure I find something that will work for the application for which it is intended, but any advice you can give me, I will really appreciate, because Knowledge is Power.

Hie thee to a Fashion Bug stat.
Or buy online: Here’s a purdy one!

Lane Bryant also sells 40B’s online…Here I searched for everything that was 40B

Good luck!

If you can spend forty or fifty dollars for a good bra, here’s my advice. Call around to the nice department stores in your area, and talk to somone in the lingerie department. Ask if they have a professional fitter and, if so, make an appointment (or find out when she works and go in). I would suggest finding two or three different stores with fitters.

Wear your good bra and a regular shirt, but bring the baby tee with you. Don’t wear it; you might be self-conscious and you should go into this whole business with confidence, because you’ll come out looking great (and you can wear the baby tee out of the store with your new bra!). Have the fitter actually fit you with a bra. Different styles have different sizes or measurements, and a good fitter can do wonders. Explain to her the goal (“I want to wear this!”) and let her go to town.

You may not find what you need at the first store; if not, keep on trucking until you do.

I know this is a lot of money, but if it gets you the right bra so that you’ll feel confident when you wear the baby tee, it’s all worth it. (Truthfuly, it should only cost about $30.) And you’ll be able to wear it with so many other things that it’s not like you’re only going to trot it out once a month.

Good luck!

Definitely take the Baby T with you to the store. Just put it in a shopping bag and carry it with you if you don’t want to wear it. Or wear it so you can point out to the helpful sales staff exactly what you don’t like about your current bra.

Hit Victoria’s secret and let the sales lady help you. Their bras are good (though a bit pricey) and if you tell her all that you’ve told us she’ll make sure you’re getting the right size (you may not really be a 40 since you lost weight) and also she’ll steer you to the bras that will work under the little T.

My best friend spent almost all of her adult life in sports bras (she was a personal trainer and gymnastics coach) When we finally talked her into a “real” bra she had no idea what to look for. The sales person was very helpful, measured to figure out what was the right size, and finding a bra that was just about exactly what she was looking for.

I’ve also had very good luck at Dillards and JC Penney. My daughter’s very difficult to fit (42 DD) she wants the cute bras but they usually don’t come in the bigger sizes. The sales person at our local Dillards was ever so helpful getting her set up with the right strapless bra for prom.

Good luck.
Good luck.

Just letting you know from a poor college student’s perspective:

A $40-50 bra is steep, but if it is fitted, makes you look good and feel sexy, then it’s worth it. I’d rather fork over the extra $10-20 and in the longrun want to pull out that bra when I’m getting dressed in the morning. Luckily for me, it’s gotten to the point where it’s not about ‘good bra’ vs. ‘bad bra’ - but about color and style and which goes better with my clothing. And when you’re competing against those 100-110 lb. damn near perfect girls, you want to look and feel as confident and sexy as you can! Rock on good bras!

I highly suggest Victoria’s Secret because they have also helped me find exactly what I want, and they have bras that come in many styles. I personally like the push-up bra because I’m between a 36B and a 32C, so I like the support, plus it enhances your good features.

Good luck in your search!

Thanks, everyone. Campion, I would willingly pay fifty bucks for a really good bra, because I’m sick of wearing discount store crap that doesn’t fit. The real problem is access. Our Penny’s went out of business. The only other deptartment store is Bon Ton, and I always get terrible custmer service when I go there, and realized the last time I went that I always walk out pissed off, and screw that, I’m not going back.

We do have a Victoria’s Secret, though, but I’ve heard much snide comment that their product is inferior. If their sales people are knowledgable, though, I’ll jump at the chance to go there to get a decent fit.

It sounds like you might be in the wrong size if the cup is not fitting smoothly to your curves. So I agree with the others to go somewhere that the sales staff are trained in proper fitting, and take the tshirt with you. Also suggest something in a flesh tone (ugly I know) but the only way to ensure it doesn’t show through. Some brands come in a microfibre (like Bendon where I live) which has no seams through the cup, which helps cut down on show through. But good luck! I hate bra shopping, was a 34E at one time so know what it’s like to not have a range of bras to choose from.

Penchan, you’re saying exactly what’s going through my head. :slight_smile:

Hmmm, thanks Girl from Mars. It’s quite possible that I just have lost all concept of what a properly fitted bra is supposed to look and feel like.

And I resolved quite a while ago to buy only flesh-toned bras. I had this black bra that was really va-va-va-voom, and I was constantly wishing I could wear it under more things.

heh… sequential posters…

Girl from Mars

bye now…

I’m really not just hanging out in the boob thread for kicks.

One of my exes was … quite well-endowed, and she wore nothing but Vicky’s. If anyone was going to cause a massive system failure, it would have been her, but she swore by them.

Let me second the recommendation to try Lane Bryant. Their Cacique line rocks!

I am a 38 DD (almost into a triple D sigh). I have found bras there that not only look great, but hold their own quite well, if ya know what I mean. :wink:

If you’re lucky, you’ll catch one of the several sales that they have every year.

Agreed. Never patronize a store that doesn’t treat you right.

It sounds to me like it’s time for a field trip. Is there a major metropolitan area within a few hours’ drive? Could you and the Mister get away for a day for some fun (and bra shopping)?

A good bra is worth some sacrifice. It took me a while to realize it, but now I’m totally on board. And what works for one person may be out of the question for another. So it really is a matter of casting a wide net and seeing what you can find. Good luck.

May I suggest

Their 40B selection doesn’t appear to be too bad, and the Sloggi and Lejaby styles on the first page of 40Bs might do the trick.

Another vote for getting yourself measured and properly fitted. I’d been wearing 38c for ages, in spite of the fact that it was making me constantly uncomfortable. One trip to a department store with reputable lingerie staff, and I discovered I actually should be wearing - 36f :eek: .

The right bra makes such a huge difference. I instantly felt and looked slimmer, more confident - and my back and shoulders stopped aching so much. So, go - hie to your local lingerie store, now!

I suggest wearing the baby-tee and about two gallons of cold water.

I third Lane Bryant. I checked out their nearest store after hearing rave reviews from other Dopers in the squeaky bra thread. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any bras that squeaked, but I did buy several great bras. They have an excellent selection of styles and sizes.

Another vote for Lane Bryant and the value of a professional bra fitting.

Recently I was forced at gunpoint to go bra shopping (okay my maid of honor gave me the evil eye and informed me that wedding dresses need special support garmets - who knew?), whereupon I discovered that I am not actually a 38DD. Really I’m a 40 DDD. :eek:

However, the new bras make me look 20 pounds lighter. And my goodness is my cleavage impressive. Hell, I’M impressed, to hell with my sweetie.

Also they’re much, much more comfortable and I feel much sexier than before :smiley:

Thanks everyone for the recommendations. (Even Zebra.)

There is a Lane Bryant not too far away. I might pop into Victoria Secret just to get a bra so I can enjoy my new T-shirt, and then go down to Lane Bryant when I have the opportunity to do a road trip.

IT"S THE SEMI-ANNUAL SALE. RUN, I repeat, RUN to Vicky’s before all the good crap is gone :slight_smile: The sale is so important to me, I write the date down on my calendar.

The salespeople are knowlegable and fun, just don’t let them adjust the bra you have on while you’re standing in the store :wink:

Lane Bryant bras aren’t bad, but I think they’re a little boring material/design-wise.

The Gap also had a sale on lingerie not too long ago. They’re pretty basic, but their bras last.

Another vote for Victoria’s Secret. I buy the majority of my lingerie there. They **are ** a little costly, but they’re also damn comfortable and high quality. Worth the money (IMO of course!).