Doper guys ever had a girlfriend or SO show up with long coat & nothing on underneath?

Yes, several of them.

One lady I dated flipped this script (as she loved to do) by opening her door to me in a long coat, which she then whipped off to greet me…and, um, our mutual girlfriend. A rather lovely time ensued.

Happened just once. My wife (who may have been my girlfriend at the time) can to visit me at work, probably because I needed to work late. Getting to my private office involved walking probably about a quarter of a mile from where she parked, through a large hospital/research building with plenty of people around. It was very sexy and she was able to check of at least one of her bucket list items.

Saran Wrap – the poor man’s condom.

It’s greased lightning!

Don’t even get me started on Reynold’s Wrap!

I hate you.

You might change your mind after reading the “Ask The Former Polyamorist” thread I posted a while back. (For those of you who did, the lady in the coat was obviously Bianca.)

No, but I did once show up at my girlfriend’s door wearing a trenchcoat with nothing but a dork underneath.