Doper guys ever had a girlfriend or SO show up with long coat & nothing on underneath?

I always thought this was more of a “Dear Penthouse” thing or a movie/TV fantasy. Apparently this ex-girlfriend thought it was just the thing to re-kindle the flame, but was greeted at the door by her ex-boyfriend’s wife.

Have you ever had a woman show up at your door with only a long coat and nothing else?

I’ve come to their door and found them in such a state, but no one has ever been appareled thus whilst comporting themselves to my abode.

I’ve had a woman hand me her panties as soon as she stepped in the door, but that’s as close as it’s been.

Alas, I have heard this but never experienced it myself

Are there any “Dear Penthouse” things left that you haven’t already started threads about?

I did it. It’s very drafty.

Maybe something similar–Once, after college when I was still boo-hooing over the first girl I was I ever in love with, a local girl climbed into bed with me at the end of a party wearing only a T-shirt. Saying she understood my angst.

I wasn’t interested in her and I didn’t even realize that she had spent the night with me only wearing a T-shirt until the morning after when she hopped out of bed and I saw her naked ass.

The Mrs. greeted me in that manner (wearing a long bathrobe) one sunny afternoon when I arrived at her place. We were both almost 17. Her parents had unexpectedly left for the afternoon and we had her place to ourselves. Over 40 years later, we still frequently recall and re-enact that day.

40 good years, it seems. Hat’s off to you, Doc.

Same type of story here, except I didn’t marry the girl. Parents were out, she greeted me at the door with a trenchcoat and nothing underneath. Ah, those heady days of youth…

Frankly. It may sound sexist, but a woman who does that is asking for it. She has no excuse if she

catches a bad cold

Oh, yeah.

I don’t recall if it was on a dare or what, but I wasn’t quite as surprised as she thought I would be.

And if you are reading this, Isadora…thank you for a whole lot of interesting stuff.

Not exactly, but kind of.

It wasn’t at my door – it was at a great restaurant where we were meeting for the third time. And it wasn’t a long coat – it was a skirt and jacket, but nothing on underneath. :wink:

About 10 years into my marriage the wife was looking for ways to spice up the marriage. She showed up wrapped in cellophane one time, another time we went out to dinner and she came back from the restroom with only her coat on. It was a short walk to under the pier.

I dated a girl for a while that NEVER wore panties and often liked to wear short, tight fitting sun dresses. She wasn’t an exhibitionist or anything. She was always mindful of it, and never gave anybody a show. But still, I knew she didn’t have anything on under there and it made it very difficult to concentrate on conversations had with her.

That really happened to you? It’s an old Joan Rivers joke:

Mrs. Plant (v.2.0) was going to meet me at the airport attired in that manner when we first met, but her friend advised against it.
She had hired a limo.
That is why there is a Mrs. Plant (v.3.0); 2.0 threw money at things to make them better.

Joan made the joke because it was something that was occurring at the time. People started getting kinky with Saran Wrap about 15 minutes after the product arrived on the market.

Yes, it happened to me. it was a woman I met in grad school.


It was shortly after my senior year in high school. There was a girl that I was pretty close friends with for a few years. I had expressed an interest in something more a few times, but she always made it clear that she just wanted to be friends. I was resigned to this being the case, and the friendship was definitely worth keeping, so I was, eventually, able to be mature about it.

She was heading out of town, travelling Europe for a summer kinda thing, and invited me and a few friends over for a farewell dinner. I remember that we were goofing around, imitating Kevin Nealon’s “Mr. Subliminal” bit [boner], which was pretty popular at the time [sex]. The evening ended and I went home, where I lived in a basement apartment in my parent’s house.

About ten minutes later there was a knock on the door. I answered it, and there she was, oddly dressed in a trenchcoat despite the weather. She said nothing, but a moment later opened the trenchcoat to reveal that it was all she was wearing.

My gratitude for Kevin Nealon knows no bounds [multiple orgasms].