Doper Heisman Poll

Pretty self-explanatory. What college player would have your vote for the Heisman. the Poll has the top 12 Heisman candidates from

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My vote goes to Cam Newton. If he hadn’t already clinched before today, he should have today.

My 2nd place vote goes to Kellen Moore at Boise St.

I know Cam Newton is going to get this thing, but it seems pretty likely that he’ll have it taken away from him in a few years anyways (I can hope, at least). So if I had a vote, I’d skip the dog-and-pony show of voting for Newton and go with someone else. I went with Blackmon and his week-in, week-out video game numbers, ekeing out a win over Andrew Luck – great numbers in an AQ conference. Moore has better numbers, but not as good as Keenum or Brennan or anyone else equivalent, and they didn’t sniff the Heisman, so why should Moore? (Maybe if they had beaten Nevada… maybe).

Same here. He has a stink on him.

War Eagle!

Man I wish I could vote for Denard. He had a hell of a year. 1500 yards rushing, and 2000 yards passing for the first time in history. And the poor overall team record falls about 95% on the poor Defense.

His biggest performances came in reverse order of the quality of the team being played and that’s just not MVP quality. Maybe next year he’ll polish up his game for the big boys. But until then, I think it’s Luck this year.

I’m in the ABC camp (anybody but Cam), but I’d definitely love to be a voter to throw part of my vote to JJ Watt. What a player, and also an incredibly high-character guy (unlike a certain Auburn QB). I hope he does pick up a vote or two just as a recognition of how big an impact he’s had as a D-lineman.

I’m also in the ABC camp. He’s guilty as hell and will also be stripped of the Heisman.

ABC. If he gets it, it’s a slap in the face to every program in the country that attempts to play by the rules.

Newton could have written his term papers while he was back in the pocket yesterday. He did complete a couple on the run though. QBs on number one teams get way over rated. He is no different.
I think Mallet is a better QB.

Since this is the dope, I’ll say: CITE? (Internet hate bloggers with anonymous sources don’t qualify.)

If you have any evidence at all that Cam Newton or Auburn did anything wrong, please provide it to the NCAA investigators. They looked for five months and couldn’t find a thing, so I’m sure they will appreciate your information.

Only one vote for the best player on the best team in the country?

I’m assuming you are claiming that Auburn does not play by the rules. This site is about fighting ignorance, but that remark is ignorant. You have no facts, no evidence, yet in your jealous hate-flash you state something that is not true as though it were fact.

If a team of NCAA investigators working for five months found no wrong-doing by Auburn University, how can you put BS like that on this site?

If, on the other hand you have reliable information that Auburn has been cheating, please post it here and mail copies to the NCAA and SEC offices. I’m sure they would be happy to be enlightened.

:dubious: As I write this, there are 11 votes for Cam Newton. How soon we forget what conference has won the last 4 BCS games (by three different teams)

We’ve seen this movie before. At some point in the future Newton will lose his Heisman and Auburn will get its wrist slapped. Perhaps not with this investigation but with the next one. What most schools do is bench a player while investigations of this sort go on, this is what should have happened here. Mark my words, this will come back and bite Auburn in the future.

This is a joke, right? A satirical imitation of the fan in denial?

The NCAA did find wrongdoing, Auburn declared Cam ineligible, but in an unprecedented (and much criticized) ruling, the NCAA reinstated him despite the rules violations in his recruitment.

Nonetheless, the NCAA has made it very clear that the investigation is ongoing, so it’s not like we’ve heard the final word yet. Which is good, because right now what’s been admitted is only half a story. What, are we supposed to believe that Cecil asked Mississippi State for money, they said no, and so he sent Cam to Auburn…for free? :rolleyes:

Anyone who doubts Auburn is dirty has their head buried in the sand. Enjoy this season while it lasts, because you won’t be able to find it in the record books in 10 years.

I voted anybody but Cam because I do think it would be another black eye on NCAA football. Why doesn’t Reggie Bush call the NCAA and say, “oh hey, I didn’t know my parents were getting $$$ either, so can I please get my Heisman back?”

That siad, Newton is the best player and it’s really hard to pick another winner among that group as nobody else really stands out. I guess I’d lean towards LaMichael James.

:rolleyes: Who is forgetting? I’m within spitting distance of a dozen Gators.

Cam Newton is a very good player on a pretty mediocre team. LaMichael James is a very good player on a very good team.

Cam Newton is unquestionably the most valuable player in college football, but he isn’t the most outstanding.

The NCAA had pretty solid evidence that Bush did know, IIRC. In any event, Auburn didn’t actually give Newton’s dad any money.

True or not, Newton’s dad violated NCAA rules. Newton remaining eligible is already a black eye and I think the Heisman award would further tarnish the image of NCAA football. Especially if he is eventually forced to return it.

Newton’s dad isn’t subject to NCAA rules. If the NCAA is satisfied that Newton is eligible, so am I.