Doper ladies: Ever had a false negative on a pregnancy test?

A bit of background: I’m 25, have PCOS, and have been trying to get pregnant for 2 1/2 years. I had a miscarriage in August, which was surprising considering that I hadn’t known I was pregnant. I’d had fairly regular periods for the beginning of the year, and then a late period in April/ May which had made me hopeful, but I got a period on May 10th. Then, nothing until August 20th, when I went to the hospital with extremely heavy bleeding which turned out to be a miscarriage. I don’t know how far along I was; my doctor just told me that I was “very pregnant”. I’ve asked myself over and over how I could have not known, given the number of pregnancy tests I’ve taken over the years.

So, to my question: my last period started on Nov. 8, making this the 43rd day of my cycle. I’ve taken three home pregnancy tests and had a blood draw pregnancy test at my doctor’s office done on Monday. All negative. And yet my nipples are very tender (the only other time they’ve felt like this was when I was pregnant before, although at the time I had no idea why my boobs hurt so much), my temperature is elevated (I’ve been charting regularly), and I just feel like I could be pregnant. Of course, that could be a function of really, really wanting to be.

Does anyone have any experience with negative results like this which turned out to be incorrect? All I’ve really found on the internet is false negatives from people testing too early, and a couple of anecdotes. Do any of you have a sense of how common this is? Should I ask for an ultrasound or just wait and see what happens? I feel like a crazy person.

Yes, you can on a urine pregnancy test, but not with a blood pregnancy test, UNLESS it was a qualitative instead of a quantitative. IME, some labs have high thresholds for qualitative (say, 50, or even 100), whereas a quantitative will show if you are ‘just’ pregnant (say, over 5).

How many DPO were you when you had the blood test done, what type was it / what was your # result, have you had it done again since.

Are you using OPKs as well as temperature to track your cycle? I know with PCOS you can have extended cycles, or you can ovulate late, so perhaps that’s what it is?

We’ve been TTC for almost 3 years now as well, going in for our first IUI at the end of January. I’ve had two m/c’s and know the struggles you’re having. I hope this is it for you!